15 May 2012

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Judy, janina


<Judy> scribe: Judy

Issue 31c: "Generator Exception" Update

31c: HTML Co-Chairs are reviewing it

We're expecting either a re-open, or feedback.

Issue 194 Update, Video Transcript: Extension Requested

We requested an extension on 194 of of the discussion last week, then requested an extension gain yesterday; no yes/no response yet

Issue-203 Text Alternatives on Video Update

Issue 203; Media Descriptors

Submitted, and we're not expecting any discussion, just the call for counter proposals

Janina: Looks like they are trying to move it along
... more info on next steps would be helpful

Issue 204 Developments, ARIA Hidden: F14 ARIA-DescribedBy

JB on 204, was moving, but now new cp?

JB: the mozilla implementation seems to cause more problems, right?

janina: right, complicates issue 30
... and I'm unclear what else is left
... if jonas isn't submitting a proposal then the issue can move forward

judy: looks like sam is asking who plans to object

what are next steps

janina: so we have 2 active props

<scribe> scribe: janina

Janina will respond to Sam's email ...

1.) The TF does not intend to further update V3

2.)We object to the other CP inasmuch as it says so much less about the consequences of this inadvised technique

Ted was also going to talk with Jonas and Matt about withdrawing it in favor of V3 as V3 is now aligned.

Issue 31c: "Generator Exception" Update

Issue 31b, Buggy Alts & Guidance: next steps

<Judy> talking with Steve about history

<Judy> janina: it was a problem by 2008

<Judy> ...asked him whether there bugs filed

<Judy> ...lots of time in the WG discussing where to house the input, but no substance.

<Judy> ...locating bugs filed would help

<Judy> janina: will check again with steve

confirm next meeting; identify next scribe; adjourn

Summary of Action Items

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