07 May 2012

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Scott: BioRDF has worked in a number areas: 1) knowledge base 2) query federation 3) expression data 4) Neurodegenerative disease 5) customized SPARQL views with SWObjects mapping between vocabularies

LODD has created linked data for a number of important HCLS data sources.

Scott: Combine BioRDF and LODD? Let's discuss possible new directions and see if any projects appeal to both BioRDF and LODD, or if there are clearly diverging interests.
... * Tools and approaches to create clean LODD for use in CDS

- Standard mappings to ontologies

- Data set description - refresh rate, license type

Michel: Would like to create interface that makes it possible to merge different sources into a view.

<egonw> :)

<michel> http://www.chemspider.com/Chemical-Structure.2157.html?rid=bc58a529-3e19-4561-892b-026466c53730

Scott: Semantic wiki and SPARQL query editor that uses autocompletion from indexes of federated query endpoints and named graphs.

<egonw> have people here seen distilbio ?

<egonw> http://www.distilbio.com/

<egonw> good

<egonw> what's the CTO name?

Michel: Interface doesn't have to be polished but just show that we can build an app that makes use of federation of linked data.

<michel> http://bnowack.de/work#1

Scott: <describes dynamically-generated facetted browser>

Michel: There is a facetted browser for Linked Data from Ben Nowack, but it was commercial last year.

<egonw> https://synapse.sagebase.org/Portal.html#

<michel> paggr prospect

<michel> sparql javascript: http://www.thefigtrees.net/lee/blog/2006/04/sparql_calendar_demo_a_sparql.html

<egonw> note: I'm talking to Mike on a telcon tonight... and since we're doing more and more semweb, I doubt we'll not discuss RDF...

<egonw> if it comes up, I can discuss SPARQL versus API ...

<michael> * translating TCGA data into RDF (the kicker being the sample characteristics are in a different set of files than the MAGE-TAB) * demonstrating the usefulness in generating novel discoveries using the RDF representation of gene expression and next gen experiments * what does it mean to run an analysis in an RDF framework to generate new triples? (i.e. runn

<egonw> I'm sorry to have to leave...

<egonw> an augmented science database reality using RDF sounds cool

<egonw> ttl

kalpana krishnaswami is the CTO of Metaome (Distilbio) and HCLS member.

Summary of Action Items

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