23 Apr 2012


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Jeanne, Jan, Alessandro, +1.571.765.aaaa, Greg, Jutta, +1.561.582.aabb, Sueann, Alex, Tim
Cherie, E.
Jutta Treviranus


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<scribe> Chair: Jan Richards

1. Ensuring wide review prior to Deadline (June 5, 2012)

<jeanne> JR: Be sure to be circulating this Last Call draft around your organization. We do not want any extensions on the deadline.

<jeanne> SueAnn: I read that this is the 3rd Last Call, but I thought it was the 2nd.

<jeanne> JR: It is the 3rd, but the first Last Call was in 2004. It is the 2nd Last Call since WCAG 2.0.

2. F2F Planning (Jeanne)

<jeanne> ... when circulating the document, make sure people are aware that we are hoping that this is the final Last Call, and therefore any comments should be about show stoppers, not wordsmithing.

JS: We are due for a F2F...lots of work ahead with Last Call...
... Number of possibilities...but one idea is to meet around Nov2012 TPAC meeting...
... But some people have conflicts with that week...
... So idea of meeting in following week....wanted to know about attendance especially European members
... Several Euro members suggested that they could host.
... Want to know peoples availability to meet in 2nd week of Nov...
... TPAC dates Oct29-Nov2
... Next week (5-6Nov)

<jeanne> Alex is available TPAC, but not after.

AL: I could justify making it to TPAC but not after

GP: No scheduled conflict...would have to check corporate permission

<jeanne> Greg, no scheduling conflict. Corporate permission needed

GP: TPAC not a factor

AL: I can potentially attend during TPAC...not another time

TB: benefits of TPAC?

JR: Yes ideally TPAC is intended for WG meetings

JT: Cohosting something in Colombia M-T...I could be there by R-F (Nov1-2)

TB: What work will we be doing?

JS: At that time we should be in CR, actively looking at and testinmg implementations

<jeanne> Jeanne can make the dates

GP: Likely can make it nov1-2

Al: Likely can make it nov1-2

TB: Maybe can make it nov1-2

AM: Can make it to Lyon...also can host in Zurich even on the Sat-Sun if necessary

SN: At this point, no scheduling conflict...but would need approval

JR: Jeanne lets follow up with memebers not on call today

3. Implementation Report planning (Jan)


JR: TinyMCE with Achecker Plugin (Jan)
... CKEditor (tested in FF6.0.2) (Jan)
... Let's replace Drupal 7 with "Standard Web"?
... Dreamweaver CS5.5...InDesign CS5.5...Greg will start...they are the right versions
... MS Word 2010...SharePoint 2010...

AL: Will talk to Cherie about the exact products to use.

JR: Lotus Connections

SN: Right product....will get the version

JS: Rationale Policy Tester....

SN: Yes, we should def look at

JR: Wordpress?

TB: Yes still interested

JS: Setting up the instance of our test this week.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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