06 Mar 2012

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Cynthia Shelly, Char James-Tanny, Jason Kiss
David Bolter, Larry Weiss, Steve Faulkner
Cynthia Shelly
Char James-Tanny


Review Action Items

Everyone has had hectic travel schedules. Jason has not made any further updates to the page we've been working on, and he's discovered that a number of layout/markup changes he made got overwritten. He has to figure out how to get his changes back. Cynthia suggested that he talk to Mike Smith.

Cynthia says that there were some discussions in PF F2F that might impact AAPI. She has action items related to the ARIA version of the doc, and some are about how ARIA and HTML interact.

Jason caught Cynthia up on our previous discussion about nested links firing for screen readers when the nested links are the first item in a <summary>. Cynthia recapped the issues as she sees them:

We need to wait and see if Steve's change proposal goes through before working any more on nested interactive elements.

We need to figure out how to add links to the appropriate section in the spec.

Jason has filed bugs with both NVDA and JAWS on their behaviour with links nested as first item in <summary> or other interactive content, eg. a heading. He's also publishing an article on the screen reader and details/summary issues around nested links in the next few days and will send Cynthia a link when it's finished.

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION:Jason to move nested links from <summary> to <details>.

[NEW] ACTION:Jason to add bug to mapping for <summary>.

[NEW] ACTION:Char to update minutes for Feb 21, Mar 6, and Mar 20.

[NEW] ACTION:Char to update wiki (at www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/wiki/AAPI_Mapping) with all action items.

[NEW] ACTION:Cynthia to set up Bugzilla and add current items. (Note: We will maintain our to-do list in the wiki, and we'll use Bugzilla for any items that are bugs.

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