07 Feb 2012

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Kerstin_Forsberg, +1.832.386.aabb, oliver, michel, Bosse, EricP, Joseph_Scheuhammer, +1.510.541.aadd, +1.215.239.aaff, JoanneLuciano


<oliver> I hear mostly static on the phone, any one hears more?

<mscottm2> I'm getting "this passcode is not valid"

<Lena> probably because there's more than 10 users

<Lena> ericP: can we get a bigger "room" ?

<mscottm2> 4257 is the right code, non?

<matthias_samwald> yes

<matthias_samwald> ericP is working on it

sometimes there's a backup when lots of people dial in at once

so try again

we have a res for 30

<Lena> skype is also an option ;)

<oliver> or evo ;)

<Lena> but not integration with w3c cool stuff

<epichler> or google phone

<oliver> be back in five minutes

<Lena> eric asks who is having trouble dialing in

<epichler> might have been me

<epichler> I'm on mute now

<amrapaliz> im trying to call now

<oliver> ok, i'm back

<amrapaliz> yes, please +49 341 97-32367

<michel> http://www.w3.org/wiki/HCLSIG/Organization

<scribe> scribenick: ericP

michel: [reviews the organization chart]

-> http://www.w3.org/wiki/HCLSIG/Organization organization chart

michel: this subtle re-org is intended to bring together task forces which need to coordinate
... and to bring engage TF members' organizations
... hoping to hear feedback from y'all

<Lena> +1

matthias_samwald: i like it a lot
... far more streamlined
... the organization around a single telecon per week is a good idea
... when i was trying to work on several task forces, it was difficult to dial in many times per week for potentially redundant calls

michel: is it your preference to have just one meeting?
... i expect the other meetings may occur, but they may change in frequency and focus

matthias_samwald: this can be left to the task forces
... i've also been a fan of discussions via email and google groups
... i haven't found the coordination of the phone calls completely necessary

ericP: please be mindful of visibility on public-semweb-lifesci@w3.org

michel: periodically, task forces should post on the mailing list
... sending an update to the list before the monthly call could help folks understand which calls would be interesting to them

<Lena> ericP: we have a wiki that should be used

michel: we record minutes via IRC

-> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-semweb-lifesci/ public-semweb-lifesci mail archive

michel: can we search the archives?

ericP: [after saying stupid stuff] yes, note the search box in the archive pave

michel: we have an opportunity to redevelop the task force messages
... the TF leads should try to keep the TF pages pretty clear

<Lena> +1

<Lena> ericP: create a map of the data

<michel> +1

<JoanneLuciano> That sounds like Eric P speaking.

ericP: [pitch for data maps]

<matthias_samwald> http://neuroscientific.net/res/ismb2007/poster-under-construction.png

<JoanneLuciano> Hi Michel! Sorry to be late. I had to juggle 2 meetings to get on just now.

matthias_samwald: i created a data map during the first iteration of the HCLS IG

<mscottm2> From Matthias: http://neuroscientific.net/res/ismb2007/poster-under-construction.png

<Lena> (i need to go in a few mins)

JoanneLuciano: i did a graphic of how the task forces were covering data spaces

ericP: [pitch for using hypertext, a la <http://www.w3.org/wiki/HCLSIG/Organization>, for the data map]

michel: we're targeting people who are working at e.g. pharmas, biotechs, health care, to give us feedback
... would like to draw a recruitment/speaker list
... will create a googledoc

<michel> http://goo.gl/nB68I

ericP: wiki?

michel: conflict resolution better in google doc

epichler: do we want them to participate or ...? [scibe got behind]

michel: to bring us to end users
... so when we do stuff, we can ping them when we produce stuff relevent to their interests
... they might not be in the TF, devoting time to it, but part of the larger community

epichler: do they need to be members to steer us?
... are they committed to HCLS vs. SemWeb tool providers
... was hard to allocate resources to W3C
... OTOH, in a large company, if you want to do a project, you arrive with specific requirements, test cases, etc.
... that's a level above just listening to stories

<mscottm2> I just lost contact with Zakim via Matthias's skype.

<mscottm2> back again but I don't hear anyone speaking

<mscottm2> be there in a minute..

<matthias_samwald> i (plus scott) dropped out, now back again.

ericP: [discussion with JoanneLuciano about grants]

looking forward 1 year:

charlie: coming from clinical trials, we could really benefit from SemWeb, and don't even know what can happen
... IMI project is starting to understsand

<JoanneLuciano> i have to follow up off-line, but I am willing to work on this and will follow-up with whoever is intersted. I apologize that this time slot didn't work for me today. I'm also VERY interested in the IMI project i the UK.

charlie: ONC is still quite naieve about SemWeb
... there's a fundamental disconnect between folks approaching from UML pathways and those coming from Ontologies
... would like these communities to understand to the sweet spot between UML, OWL, and latent semantic indexing

<JoanneLuciano> Also, if any of you can make it to Boston for CSHALS -- this is the conference specifically on SEMANTICS in Health Care and Life Science.

charlie: would like HCLS to educate the community

michel: we've accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in building SemWeb apps
... folks don't know how to do that well
... how to build linked data is still burried in publications
... web-based tutorials would help
... would like to connect linked life data which fits into the larger semantic web
... also, new relationships with organizations
... NCI, NCBI, OpenPHACTs, etc.
... reflect their use cases in our activities
... encourages them to participate and commit resources towards shared resources
... we have to make sure our tools, techs and DBs are accessible
... we create one-offs
... we need to make sure our resources are available long-term
... JoanneLuciano raised the issue of funding and these activities need folks who are dedicated to maintenance

<mscottm2> Oops!

ericP: [discussed looking at externally-created ontologies and data]

mscottm2: CDC would benefit from and app to @@1
... UK gov't approachable
... SAGE Bionetworks has a similar set of goals and missions, though not necessarily using SemWeb
... we should engage with them
... e.g. help them create a SPARQL endpoint for Synapse
... shouldn't HCLS response to research works act?
... (the move by publishers to put publicly resources behind a paywall)

<iker> +1 Michel's opinion

<mscottm2> :)


michel: next tuesday Life Siences domain (per <http://www.w3.org/wiki/HCLSIG/Organization>)

<mscottm2> Thanks again Matthias for connecting me to Zakim via skype.

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