30 Jan 2012


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Jutta Treviranus


<scribe> Scribe: Jan

1. Is the group satisfied with the "accessible content" proposal

JT: Status of meeting with WCAG, Jeanne?

JS: Will take care of that this PM


JT: Suggestions, concerns - we brought it up last week?

Alex: What is the goal of the meeting?

JT: Mutually agreeable solution.

AL: Would we be ok with a search-and-replace term?
... Is there a list of terms.

JR: I sent a list to WAI-CG a while back

AL: Right, accessibility can be a loaded term

GP: WCAG has a note on this

AL: What about WCAG conformant

JR: Then there is the "accessibility supported" issue

JS: For me , readability is the most important issue

GP: How can you describe "accessible" without that term?

AL: Its all complicated by context of use etc.
... And WCAG has been very careful to describe that and the y just want us to respect that

GP: Reads WCAG's disclaimer note...

AL: But WCAG2 does not use term accessible in the SC's

JS: OK to remove from our SC but want to keep in principles and guidelihnes

AL: Assuming we are entering a negotiation...know your bottom line ahead of time

AC: I support the proposed text...not trying to be hard line...just wondering what compromise would look like.

JT: I hear the group saying we should start with our proposal here, trying to keep our document simple

AC: Agreed

GP: Agreed

JT: So Jeanne, you will set up meeting?

JS: Yes

2. Copy-paste and ATAG2 B.1.2.1 Restructuring and Recoding Transformations


<AlastairC> AC: Makes sense, I hadn't thought it applied to copy-paste when reading about re-structuring the first time.

Resolution: All accept splitting copy-paste from content transformations]

oops I think Cherie was here afterall

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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