24 Jan 2012

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Cynthia Shelly


<scribe> Scribe: Char

Agenda sent out yesterday, cyns completed her action item (UIA mapping draft)


Jason has questions in the doc he's been working on that need to be filled in

Cynthia is doing the same thing; Jason will continue working on his doc

Stevef has no action items, but has been working on [xxx]. Striving for simplicity.

Stevef trying to be as precise as possible. Will need more explanation about underlying assumptions (without adding them to every step).

Cyns hopes that we can make algorithms as easy to understand as possible.

cyns working on UIA and MSAA. Sometimes, things can only be done in UIA (by adding stuff to MSAA). May need to reorganize columns.

Steve will make edits and then let us all know.

jkiss points out that the check box in Color State needs to come down a row. Stevef agrees.

Stevef would prefer not to specify composite controls in the table.

<Stevef> http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/html-api-map/raw-file/tip/Overview.html#examples-sum

We should link from the table into the docs where the table starts to get too complex.

Discussion about expand v collapse; toggle states; differences between keyboard/screen readers/visual interpretations.

jkiss has contacted James Craig about Mac's accessility API and to look at page jkiss put together. No response yet.

Discussion about slider controls (and differences between various sliders)

Structures that don't match one-to-one

cyns is talking specifically about the tables in the docs and how we better make them accessible

And should the mapping stick closer to the DOM or to the specific browser's native behavior

Easier to keep it closer to the DOM, not necessarily better

lweiss says it may depend on "reasonable world expectations" (and what maintenance is required)

Problem is that if the browser gets it wrong, screen readers won't easily discern info

Column navigation really important on mobile devices

(err..."small touch devices" specifically)

going back: maybe table needs column for DOM? (trying to cover Google)

or...maybe direct DOM APIs don't belong in this doc (they're explained elsewhere)

No structure relations in Android...can't go up and down. Most of the work is going into the app.

action for stevef: Update accessible name calculations

<trackbot> Sorry... I don't know anything about this channel

action for stevef: work on script for posting bugs

<trackbot> Sorry... I don't know anything about this channel

continue working on Action items, we'll meet again next week

Will talk about Char's stuff next week

Summary of Action Items

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