WAI HTML-A11y Bug Triage weekly meeting

24 Jan 2012

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Cooper, Léonie_Watson
Everett_Zufelt, Marco_Ranon, Gez_Lemon
Léonie Watson


<LeonieW> agenda: this

<LeonieW> drop agendum 4

<LeonieW> drop agendum 5

Identify scribe

<scribe> scribe: MichaelC

New bugs review

No new ones submitted by Everett


we'd prefer the suggestion be taken up in the alt text document, not the HTML spec

add a11ytf keyword to track

Change proposals

All the issues with change proposals have been assigned

not much else for bug triage to do

Work of the triage sub-team

at this phase, not much triaging work to do

think we burned people out with the push to do issue escalations

maybe switch to 1/2 hour meetings every other week

until the next major bug push

just to stay on top of new bugs etc.

Needs Info bugs


has a change proposal for HTML-ISSUE-74, decision was made

unsure what to do with the bug, the info needed was provided so should be reopened, but seems to have been part of tracker escalation


nobody assigned knows what to do, need to find someone who can work it


this has a tracker issue, not sure what to do with the bug


Rich has explained a couple times but Ian keeps marking as needs info

think this is part of a tracker issue now


part of HTML-ISSUE-129


Was assigned to Gregory Rosmaita, in Nov 2011 we assigned to Greg Lowney but he bounced back to Gregory

need a viable assignee


part of HTML-ISSUE-194


Greg Lowney provided info but Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis asked questions on it

should address those before reopen


has no info, just a note to discuss in TF

so need to complete that


Cynthia reassigned to Rich, he may not be aware


only changed status on a couple needsinfo bugs

some need particular expertise, Gregory Rosmaita and Greg Lowney seem like only candidates

need a plan to complete those

others assigned to TF members, just need to go through

some may be closeable at this stage but need the assignee to determine

Next meeting

no meeting next week

next meeting is 7 February 2012 at 16:00 UTC

Summary of Action Items

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