WAI HTML-A11y Bug Triage additional meeting

13 Jan 2012

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Léonie_Watson, Michael_Cooper
Hans, Hillen
Léonie Watson
Léonie Watson


<scribe> Scribe: Léonie Watson

<MichaelC> scribeNick: LeonieW

Tracker issues

MC: Text alternatives...
... There are 8 raised issues, none applicable to us.
... There are 3 open issues that relate to a11y.

<MichaelC> text-alternatives: Implement the HTML Accessibility Task Force recommendations on alternatives including ways to provide on various elements, and advice for using

<MichaelC> text-alternatives: Implement the HTML Accessibility Task Force recommendations on alternatives including ways to provide on various elements, and advice for using them

<MichaelC> Decision Policy

MC: Suggest tieing this to issue 8171.

<MichaelC> 8171 was already related to HTML-ISSUE-31

<MichaelC> Chair decision on HTML-ISSUE-31

LW: Difficult to know how to proceed. Think we should go ahead with the tracker issue. The alternative is to risk these bugs being dropped.

... No currently open issues.
... Closed issues include 14, 35, 85, 109, and 129 (ARIA mapping). Think 129 is the likely one.

<MichaelC> Chair decision on HTML-ISSUE-129

<MichaelC> aria-processing: Define complete processing requirements for ARIA attributes

MC: Will add 10444, 11891, and 11892.
... Canvas...
... Issue 131 exhists
... Think we should leave 131 alone. Rich mentioned that 13176 and 13181 both have tracker-request keyword.
... Rich also mentioned the bug relating to focus ring text baseline.

<MichaelC> Change proposal for focus ring text baseline

MC: Media...

<MichaelC> Media bugs marked wontfix

LW: Replied to John's email to ask for his help in escalating media bugs.

MC: Keyboard access...
... 11140. No need to escalate.
... 10994: Not one to be escalated on account of a11y

LW: I don't think we have the resources to champion these bugs through to the next milestone.

MC: Ok, we have tracker requests for text alternatives, ARIA and canvas. We've asked John to follow up on media, and the decision is not to pursue those relating to keyboard access.

Needs info bugs

MC: With the meta tracker issues we've requested, some of these will fall under those. Not all though.
... It may be that there isn't enough available at this time to pursue the rest that need info.
... We'll need to go through other bugs and link them to the meta tracker issues soon.
... Fixed bugs probably don't need escalating. We can review those separately.
... We should raise to the TF that we were often in the position of needing to make judgement calls on bugs.

LW: Agreed. We don't always have the historical knowledge or domain expertise to do that.

Summary of Action Items

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