10 Jan 2012

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John_Foliot, Judy_Brewer, Janina_Sajka, Leonie_Watson, Steve_Faulkner


check status of any text-related bugs and issues currently on deadlines

longdesc survey status, plan

JB: any update on that yet?

<JF> I've not seen anything come through about this either

<JF> No, I beleive surveys are 1 week

JB: what are the specific issues that we'll need to reiterate in the survey?

JS: simply that described by is not sufficient at this time because it is not yet designed for that function and it can't be tweaked to work for that function because we don't do the api's

JB: just point to existing places

JS: say succinctly in the survey and then point for details elsewhere

JF: current mapping is that we can't move the content offscreen

JS: was speaking to the question of using the existing described-by mechanism

<JF> +1 to JS

discussion and change request for WG location for alt guidance

jb: need to confirm that the loc of alt guidance issue doesn't time out this week

discussion on meta name generator, title

jb: schedule discussion JS and SF?

sf and js: meeting tomorrow

jb: great

update on fig caption

jb: times out this week?

js: yes

check status of any text-related bugs and issues currently on deadlines

LW: pinged people to review things before holidays, but don't know which ones are related to text. and checking won't fix, resolved as well as needs info.

<LeonieW> https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/buglist.cgi?product=HTML+WG&keywords=a11y_text-alt&bug_status=RESOLVED&resolution=NEEDSINFO

sf: 10849, this was an idea, and is ok to drop
... 12875, sf will ping the person who needs to give info

jf: 12794, related to poster alt and my formal objection, could close while noting its relationship to poster alt FO

sf: 13628, guidance on conformance checkers for text alts, sf will advise the commenter of the association with that change proposal
... 8645, this is a duplicate, will inform ian, and point towards actual issue, and close it

lw: 13833, from TF disc this a.m., suggesting let this time out because would be a new feature, if available to pursue, do so

sf: 8660, covered in ARIA, SF will give heads-up to Gez about closing it, then close

lw, sf: 13115, response from editor seems sufficient

lw: closing now...

all: discussion of relevance or not

sf: 9876, suggest removing tf tracking terms, trying to remove the tag, done

jb: what about https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=10938 , new feature?
... 10938, (reads old info in thread), suggest close it with advice that it would interfere with current longdesc proposal

sf: or remove keywords and dependencies

all: go for it

jb: and for double-checking text-related bugs with other than needs-info status, for instance 'works for me' (though it may not work for all) etc

js: will continue in bug triage meeting tomorrow

sf: will close more of these tomorrow morning per discussion here today

jb: thanks all

Summary of Action Items

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