Government Linked Data Working Group Teleconference

05 Jan 2012

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Bernadette Hyland
MikeP, <Mike>, Mike


<trackbot> Date: 05 January 2012

<Mike_Pendleton> scribe:MikeP

<Mike_Pendleton> #GLDWG

<Mike_Pendleton> correction - Chair: George Thomas

<Mike_Pendleton> Chair: George Thomas

<HadleyBeeman> Hi all. Happy new year!

<Mike_Pendleton> ScribeNick:Mike_P

<olyerickson> @All: Happy New Year

<fadmaa> Hi. happy new year!

<HadleyBeeman> :)

<Mike_Pendleton> chair: gthomas

<George> http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/Meetings:Telecon20120105

<BartvanLeeuwen> hi all

<bhyland> hi all. George will be chairing today. I'm on IRC only.

<rreck> that is the one i forget to do

<rreck> you want to be sure

<rreck> hi anne

<George> Meeting <GLD>

<annew> yo Mr stability!

<rreck> anything but

<George> Agenda: <http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/Meetings:Telecon20120105>

<rreck> zakim needs to support more than one way to do things

<annew> correct meeting agenda URL is http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/Meetings:Telecon20120105

<Mike_Pendleton> George Thomas to chair today

<BenediktKaempgen> hearing it also

<rreck> yes i hear it too

<fadmaa> I hear a noise as well

<BartvanLeeuwen> sandro, +1 for sound

<rreck> it is noise cancelation

<olyerickson> Hi

<olyerickson> I don't think it's me

<rreck> i am familiar but the solution is non-trivial

<rreck> i am double muted also

<Mike_Pendleton> Proposal to accept minutes?

<Mike_Pendleton> Comments?

<Mike_Pendleton> Accepted

<raphael> +1

<olyerickson> +1

<BartvanLeeuwen> +1

Minutes Accepted

<olyerickson> No updates from me...

<rreck> I have improved the stability section but it is not complete

<rreck> new AND improved


<annew> there's nothing to improve upon

<George> Mike_Pendleton: procurement - overview of LD, evolution of data mgmt practices, community dir

<George> ... segments - Activities (5 areas); Services; Products - describe characteristics of S&P per activity

<raphael> I'm not sure when this is time to discuss this, but the Linked Enterprise Data patterns workshop report has been released, http://www.w3.org/2011/09/LinkedData/Report and that there is an explicit mention of potential overalp with this group and its deliverables

<HadleyBeeman> MikePendleton, This sounds thorough and useful! I'll be keen to see it.

<George> Sandro: save as htm from doc, then use tidy, tool chain to facilitate getting good results for wiki review by GLD members

<George> ... may be easier to recreate by hand

<DruidSmith_> My internet connection appears to be hosed as well

<Mike> test

<olyerickson> Workshop Homepage here: http://www.w3.org/2011/09/LinkedData/

<olyerickson> Report page here: http://www.w3.org/2011/09/LinkedData/Report

<Mike> Comments from Raphael on LD Enterprise Workshop - recommended LD Platform Workgroup; concern about overlap with GLD; recommend liason to deal to with that

<raphael> The report says: "In doing so it will be important to analyze any possible overlaps with the new Government Linked Data Working Group and suggest mitigating measures if appropriate."

<George> http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/rational/library/basic-profile-linked-data/

<Mike> Sandro: Areas of overlap unclear; focus not on publishing for others to consume; but on applications exposing their data

<George> a 'basic profile' for linked data

<Mike> Sandro: suggest joint tast force to address major overlaps

<Mike> George: We will work to determine how best to work with the procurement piece from a technology perspective

<olyerickson> unmute

<olyerickson> help

<Mike> Having tech issues hearing

<fadmaa> the current version of dcat is at: http://www.w3.org/egov/wiki/Data_Catalog_Vocabulary/Vocabulary_Reference

<olyerickson> Not yet

<olyerickson> One of my actions is to do some eiki work on that

<George> Fadi: Person, Org work ongoing wrt semic.eu

<rreck> anne you can go

<rreck> yep


<George> annew: collaborating with rreck with some brainstorming

<annew> http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/Best_Practices_Discussion_Summary#2.2.5_Stability

<George> rreck: revamped input into secondary page from above

<Mike> Ron and Ann on Stability BPs - brainstorming and will take next steps next week; framing for indicators of stability for a project

<annew> http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/Best_Practices_Discussion_Stability

<George> annew: write up key indicators of stability - interested in GLD member comments from their experiences

<George> ... in the F2F2

<rreck> when is the f2f again?

<rreck> link please

schedule and milestone review

<annew> Yes looking for comments during F2F on whether these ideas of stability will work with other best practices

<Mike> Sandro: lets focus on being productive for F2F


<sandro> http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/F2F2

<Mike> Request for general questions

<rreck> it is two days?

<sandro> yes

<rreck> brutal

<Mike> Discuss co-location issue

<sandro> "brutal"?

<rreck> commuting in DC is brutal at least for me

<Mike> Dan has confirmed 7 a.m. EST start time

<sandro> rreck, then by all means do what the charter/consensus/group decision says and commute to Ireland! :-)

<rreck> great point

<Mike> How might break-out groups work give co-location?

<annew> The door to BLS is exactly across the street from the Union Station metro stop... for those who have brutal

<Mike> Sandro on breakouts - US people could end at 3 formally, but stay around longer

<Mike> George: Suggest a dry run on the call before the meeting to see if it works logistically

<BenediktKaempgen> +1 to peple listed

<annew> i thought leading a discussion more than a presentation

<olyerickson> Suggestion: put the names *in* the agenda section

<Mike> George: Request each person describe what they will be presenting/discussing (time reqd, issues/questions raised) on the wiki page

<Mike> Sandro: Want to get the presentation/discussion to lead us to consensus

<annew> consensus design = what are the questions? and know enough to make a decision.. ?

<Mike> George: Questions about topics you will be leading/presenting?

<olyerickson> No questions (at this time...)

<Mike> George: Two more calls before the F2F: next week review updates; next week we could do a dry run

<Mike> George: Other input for F2F planning today?

<Mike> None

<Mike> George: Let's open this up

<annew> oh bother with the audio...still on chat...

<fadmaa> @bhyland yes I am from DERI

<sandro> annew, can you rejoin?

<rreck> i am

<rreck> sure

<rreck> one sec

<Mike> Sandro: Want to here more about Ron and Anne's work

<George> http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/Best_Practices_Discussion_Stability

<George> rreck: cost benefit considerations

<Mike> Ron: Overaching concept is that data has value, value reduced by costs in consuming it - looking at attributes that affect cost in using the data; trying to break down costs and show what helps reduce costs. Push modification of legacy data upstrean so that it did not have ot recure. ex: Turtle uses least disk space, easy for people to read vs. machine readabilty of other serializations:

<Mike> George: Did anyone get a chance to look a provenance?

<olyerickson> RE Provenance new releases: Link?

<HadleyBeeman> I had a quick review of them and found them interesting for us in LinkedGov… but not with the GLD in mind. (Sorry)

<olyerickson> Links to recent PROV-WG drafts http://www.w3.org/2011/prov/wiki/Meetings:Telecon2011.12.22 (from their recent minutes)

<Mike> George and Sandro to look into AV tech for the F2F

<raphael> The PROV Model Primer is the most interesting document for a first approach

<raphael> ... see http://dvcs.w3.org/hg/prov/raw-file/default/primer/fpwd/Primer.html

<Mike> George: Other considerations?

<annew> anne's gotta go. good summary ron on stability!

<annew> bye

<George> HadleyBeeman: agenda section to address liason/overlap activity checklist suggested

<Mike> Hadley: Might help to consider at each meeting to go over overlap from other groups (ex: provenance, e-gov)

<olyerickson> Thanks as always, George!

<BenediktKaempgen> Thanks

<olyerickson> Here's to productivity...

<BartvanLeeuwen> bye

<raphael> thanks, bye

<George> Scribe: <Mike>

<George> Scribe: Mike

<rreck> i dont think you need them

<scribe> scribe: Mike

Summary of Action Items

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