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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-208 (edit) open Talk with janina about the joint session slot during tpac 2014 Kazuyuki Ashimura 2014-09-10
ACTION-209 (edit) open Finalize the joint session schedule with the a11y tf Kazuyuki Ashimura 2014-09-24
ACTION-251 (edit) open Create a github repo for the cloud browser notes Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-03-01
ACTION-252 (edit) open Send the proposed charter to the ig Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-04-17
ACTION-253 (edit) open Ask igarashi-san about his availability for the entertainment panel at ac meeting and the time slot for the co-chairs call Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-04-17
ACTION-254 (edit) open Talk within the w3c team about the bg/cg style again Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-06-26
ACTION-258 (edit) open Update the ig call reservation and resend the invitation Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-09-18
ACTION-259 (edit) open Start a wiki page for the f2f meeting during tpac2017 Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-09-18
ACTION-260 (edit) open Look into the possible email forwarding configuration Kazuyuki Ashimura 2017-10-30

Open Issues

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