Web Application Security Working Group Teleconference

13 Aug 2014

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dveditz, mkwst, gmaone, greghuc, glenn, terri, WuWei
bhill, wseltzer
Dan Veditz


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Minutes Approval


dveditz: hearing no objections the minutes are approved


Welcome David Ross from Google

Call for exclusions for Mixed Content issued July 22

period ends December 19, 2014

FPWD of Referrer Policy published Aug 7


Call for exclusions for Referrer policy issued Aug 7

period ends January 4, 2015

CSP2 Last Call period ends today


dveditz: I propose extending the csp2 last call until the next call given light summer attendance and a specific request from Microsoft

mkwst: I don't want to keep extending, but a limited extension to next call would be OK

dveditz: that would be August 27

mkwst: I'm fine to extend further if there really are things to talk about, but not so much extending just because of lack of response

glenn: Kevin Hill responded on the list that 2 wks is reasonable

greghuc: what actually happens when CfCLC is over? is it set in stone?

mkwst: no, errors can still be corrected, we just can't change the feature set
... I've been waiting for this period to end before starting on CSP3 features so I'd like to get this out the door

[CSP] img-src and inline svg


dveditz: I believe this was resolved in the list -- inline svg is NOT governed by img-src

[CSP] new directive: "not a ServiceWorker"


dveditz: inspired by the sandbox attribute perhaps?
... is that part of this group or part of SW?
... alternate proposals, e.g. content-type

mkwst: they should design this in the service worker spec and we can then evaluate their solution
... don't think we will end up with a SW directive, I prefer the content-type solution or something along those lines

dveditz: another concept was the browser sending hints
... that is send whether a request is an IMG, or script, or XHR, or service worker, etc

mkwst: would be worthwhile to discuss further on the list
... we would probably want to add this kind of thing to the Fetch spec
... should be relatively easy to specify as part of fetch if we want to do this. there are certainly benefits but we need to think carefully about whether there are drawbacks
... certainly not part of CSP

[CSP] Request to amend bookmarklet/extensions sentence


greg: having read through the responses to the Evernote concern it does look like everyone is on the same page in terms of not wanting UAs to interfere with addons and bookmarklets
... would like to have future versions of the spec be clearer about these desires, perhaps even specifying the behavior of bookmarks

mkwst: as a browser vendor I do want extensions to work
... it's possible in chrome by modifying the header as the response comes in. unfortunately most people doing that now simply remove the header
... we need a more specific extension API so they can simply add (whitelist) origins without conflicting with other extensions rtying to do the same thing
... I don't think this belongs in the spec because by nature it's a proprietary API
... although a note suggesting the approach might be appropriate

glenn: we need to recognize that UAs need to have the freedom to disable all extensions if it wishes to do so, such as if users ask it to
... since there's no new information and we have general agreement I don't think we need to take any action

greg: mike and dan -- do you see a bigger statement in future versions of the spec?

mkwst: I don't think the spec will say much more about proprietary extension things. But we consider the current behavior a bug and I don't expect chrome's behavior to change for the worse regardless of the spec

dveditz: Mozilla also considers the current behavior a bug and is trying to figure out ways to fix it

greg: as long as browser vendors recognize that there are valid reasons, not an attack, for extensions to be injecting resources and scripts into a page

[REFERRER] Where does "Determine request’s Referrer" get its URL from?


mkwst: Ian's concern was the spec was very javascript specific. we did make changes to the spec in response to the thread
... I dont' think there's anything wrong with the concept in the spec, it's how we've stated it. we may need to find a new wording but we have time to do so
... without Ian and Joachin on the call I don't think we can resolve this here. should do this on the list

Entry Point Regulation (EPR)for web apps


dveditz: David Ross proposed EPR, but he's not on the call

<mkwst___> (zakim hung up on me, and now isn't letting me back into the meeting. :( )

dveditz: might be interesting to take on in WASWG (we need to re-charter in September) but we should discuss more on the list
... any other topics?

meeting adjourned

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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