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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Provide a use case format Guus Schreiber 2011-03-02 RDF Graphs
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Provide use cases for temporal graphs and digital signatures on graphs. Manu Sporny 2011-03-02 RDF Graphs
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Provide a use case for graphs Fabien Gandon 2011-03-02 RDF Graphs
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Draft a use case for named graphs from FOAF work Dan Brickley 2011-03-02
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Draft a use case for named graphs from BBC work Yves Raimond 2011-03-02 RDF Graphs
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Provide use case for graphs Patrick Hayes 2011-03-02
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Write a wiki page clarifying the different "graph" concepts Nathan Rixham 2011-03-02 RDF Graphs
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Provide a use case for graphs Scott Bauer 2011-03-02 RDF Graphs
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Provide a Revelytix use case for graphs Alex Hall 2011-03-02 RDF Graphs
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Come up with something on use cases for graphs Peter Patel-Schneider 2011-03-02 RDF Graphs
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Provide Garlik pov re: use-cases with SteveH Mischa Tuffield 2011-03-02
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Talk to paul groth to get a provenance use case for graphs Guus Schreiber 2011-03-02 RDF Graphs
ACTION-13 (edit) closed separate ontology named graph use case Peter Patel-Schneider 2011-03-07 RDF Graphs
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Provide use cases for graphs in the wiki Antoine Zimmermann 2011-03-02 RDF Graphs
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Make hotel suggestions for FTF1 Guus Schreiber 2011-03-09 RDF Admin
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Summarize positions that folks have taken via the mailing list onto the wiki in an attempt to figure out which document should be used as a starting point for the RDF in JSON work. Manu Sporny 2011-03-09
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Try and produce a digram based on the g-box, g-snap, g-text model from Sandro's email and this conversation Gavin Carothers 2011-03-16 RDF Graphs
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Establish a wiki page for the FTF1 agenda and list initial content Ivan Herman 2011-03-09
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Make a survey on what serializations triple stores use in the wild Mischa Tuffield 2011-03-16
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Create and start to populate a wiki area of demo graphs with how they each look in each json proposal. Thomas Steiner 2011-03-23
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Create a doodle poll to find a time to have a call about RDF in JSON Manu Sporny 2011-03-23
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Group json use cases on wiki Nathan Rixham 2011-03-30
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Make concrete "N-Turtle" proposal Andy Seaborne 2011-04-06 Deprecate N-Triples
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Collect issues and write a proposal standardizing N-Triples. Andy Seaborne 2011-04-06
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Write up the different options re ISSUE-15 Richard Cyganiak 2011-04-13
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Write an description of action-21 Patrick Hayes 2011-04-13
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Make sure the resolution to issue-12 gets into semantics document Peter Patel-Schneider 2011-06-01
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Make sure issue-12 resolution gets to SPARQL Steve Harris 2011-04-20
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Convey our resoltuon on ISSUE-18 to SPARQL WG Lee Feigenbaum 2011-04-20
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Put issue-34 on agenda for next time, proposed resolution "No" Guus Schreiber 2011-04-20
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Follow up with manu regarding schema-based mapping of json into rdf Dan Brickley 2011-04-20
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Make Sandro Hawke 2011-04-20
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Danbri, you wanted to note a bug in RDFS spec; it references Primer example 16 -- an example that doesn't even use rdf:value. Dan Brickley 2012-12-01 RDFS
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Prepare resolutions to dispose of each of the leftover items, David Wood 2011-04-21 Cleanup tasks
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Set up poll regarding F2F date Guus Schreiber 2011-04-21
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Ask Pat to be an editor of RDF Semantics Guus Schreiber 2011-04-21
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Ask Talis to provide an editor for JSON David Wood 2011-04-21
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Ask thomas about RDF/JSON editorship Ivan Herman 2011-04-21
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Look at respec's handling of references Sandro Hawke 2011-04-21
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Look into soton video conf facilities Mischa Tuffield 2011-04-27
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Set up poll about which site you'd use if we have a video link, pref murray hill vs cambridge/mit, and oct 4-5 vs oct-12-13. Guus Schreiber 2011-05-04
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Propose text for resolution on archaic xsd:strings Antoine Zimmermann 2011-05-04
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Compare/contrast respec vs mediawiki for spec authoring Gavin Carothers 2011-05-11
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Compare/contrast respec vs mediawiki for spec authoring William Waites 2011-05-11
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Compare/contrast respec vs mediawiki for spec authoring Pierre-Antoine Champin 2011-05-11
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Look at spec authoring tools Guus Schreiber 2011-05-18
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Send a message to the mailing list Guus Schreiber 2011-05-25
ACTION-48 (edit) closed together with Richard to formulate their violent agremment on the basic question Pat askeed Patrick Hayes 2011-05-25
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Propose revised wording for ISSUE-40 text, possibly also for section 3.2 of RDF Concepts Peter Patel-Schneider 2011-05-25
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Propose edits to fix wording for ISSUE-40 resolution Peter Patel-Schneider 2011-05-30
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-40 resolution in RDF Concepts Editor's draft; see and replies for text Richard Cyganiak 2011-06-01
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Start conversation on reserving our well-known string (genid) Sandro Hawke 2011-06-01
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Officially inform the RDFa WG of our decision on ISSUE-8 David Wood 2011-06-01 IRI vs URI
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-64 resolution Richard Cyganiak 2011-06-08 langtag-rfc
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Propose schedule Guus Schreiber 2011-06-15
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Review SPARQL LC WD document Pierre-Antoine Champin 2011-06-15
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Contact Yves R. re. SPARQL reviews Guus Schreiber 2011-06-15
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Organise telecon with SPARQL WG on graph terminology Guus Schreiber 2011-06-15
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Create page on wiki about documents and editing Richard Cyganiak 2011-06-15
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Discuss Turtle doc schedule with ericP Guus Schreiber 2011-06-15
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Check whether ISSUES-59 is still pertinient (may be obsolete) Peter Patel-Schneider 2011-06-15
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Create up-to-date wiki page on ISSUE-12 proposal incl. arguments from the mailing list Richard Cyganiak 2011-06-22
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Take to SPARQL WG to gauge the impact on SPARQL process and schedule Lee Feigenbaum 2011-06-22
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Propose labels for g-text, g-snap Richard Cyganiak 2011-06-29 RDF Graphs
ACTION-65 (edit) closed And Pat to consider what words to add to minimal proposal. Sandro Hawke 2011-06-29
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Contact Paul Guus Schreiber 2011-06-29
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Review Pierre-A's comments on SPARQL graph store update protocol Patrick Hayes 2011-07-06
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Review Pierre-A's comments on SPARQL graph store upade protocol Antoine Zimmermann 2011-07-06
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Update Turtle issue list to reflect current status Gavin Carothers 2011-07-27
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Send email to provenance WG chairs about a joint call Guus Schreiber 2011-07-27
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Email about joint task force, or something. maybe include RDFa and SPARQL Guus Schreiber 2011-07-27
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Check if DERI video conferencing equipment is compatible with for F2F2 Richard Cyganiak 2011-08-10
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Implement (editorial changes to RDF/XML Fabien Gandon 2012-03-31 Cleanup tasks
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Send JSON discussion preparation message to public-rdf-wd Manu Sporny 2011-08-24
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Send mail to semantic web and LOD lists requesting feedback on Turtle FPWD Guus Schreiber 2011-08-24
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Summarize the options Patrick Hayes 2011-08-24
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Add strawman rdf dataset proposal to concepts Richard Cyganiak 2011-08-24
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Add content as an appendix to Turtle editor's draft before F2F Gavin Carothers 2011-08-24
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Discuss with FabGandon about where to put examples and what to do with primary before F2F Guus Schreiber 2011-09-29
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Work with pierreA to produce a summary of options re: language tags Patrick Hayes 2011-09-07
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Ivan to set up a poll when PatH and Pierre are done with Action 80 Ivan Herman 2011-09-07
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Draft well-known URI template and propose WG resolution that it is "stable" enough for IETF. Sandro Hawke 2011-09-14
ACTION-83 (edit) closed And david to come up with agenda which works for US and UK locatinos Guus Schreiber 2011-09-14
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Contact Richard to ask to attend provenance WG liason call Guus Schreiber 2011-09-14
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Distribute agenda for provenance wg call Guus Schreiber 2011-09-14
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Provide example for how code is simpler with language-tag options 3 and 4 vs 1 and 2. Sandro Hawke 2011-09-14
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Remind Pat on action-67 Guus Schreiber 2011-09-21
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Provide information on london hotel Guus Schreiber 2011-09-21
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Email to group stating a possible resolution for tagged literals Guus Schreiber 2011-09-21
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Mail Yves if we can get to BBC later David Wood 2011-09-28
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Respond to Sandro's trust use case Richard Cyganiak 2011-09-28
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Liase with HTML data task force to bring up Turtle in HTML document, etc. Gavin Carothers 2011-10-05 RDF Turtle
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Propose a resolution for next week on language-tagged-literals Guus Schreiber 2011-10-05
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Update (but hopes others will help) Gavin Carothers 2011-10-12
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Present after Richard, F2F2 day 1, about where we might need more than his proposal gives us. Sandro Hawke 2011-10-12
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Present his proposal for named graphs at the F2F Richard Cyganiak 2011-10-12
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Update rdf-concepts re ISSUE-71 Richard Cyganiak 2011-10-20 String Literals 2
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Rdf: and rdfs: namespace should resolve to something that meets best practices Sandro Hawke 2011-12-31
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Look at ISSUE-11 in relation to SPARQL 1.1 Sandro Hawke 2011-10-20
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Ask editors of SPARQL Entailment Regimes what they'd suggest RDF specs says about their work. Sandro Hawke 2011-10-20
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Propose resolution for ISSUE-37 and ISSUE-69 Richard Cyganiak 2011-10-20 RDF Concepts
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Ask Guus to find a student to do the work of ISSUE-3 David Wood 2011-10-20
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Mention ISSUE-65 in RDF Concepts ED (Section 5) Richard Cyganiak 2011-10-20
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Add issue 65 as an issue on the rdf concepts section 5 datatypes Richard Cyganiak 2011-10-20
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Contact pat and peter and make sure they are ok with putting list of XSD types into RDF Concepts Richard Cyganiak 2011-10-20 xsd-datatypes
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Add link from Turtle datatypes section to recommended list in concepts Gavin Carothers 2011-11-30 RDF Turtle
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Add a note to RDF Concepts re ISSUE-75 Richard Cyganiak 2011-10-20 RDF Concepts
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Check with pat hayes to see if issue 76 can be closed David Wood 2011-10-20
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Ask danbri if he would like a co-editor on vocabulary David Wood 2011-10-20
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Ping fabian re rdf syntax spec revised David Wood 2011-10-20
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Find volunteers for ISSUE-3 Guus Schreiber 2012-03-01
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Add the resolution text on the graph terminology Guus Schreiber 2011-10-26
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Propose modification to issue 71 to give class ext to lang-string Jeremy Carroll 2011-10-26
ACTION-114 (edit) closed review the sparql specifications for consistency with rdf semantics for container properties Patrick Hayes 2011-11-09
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Will discuss the issue of the container properties and deprecation with Adobe. Sandro Hawke 2011-11-09
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Send message to list about consequences of TRIG document statements about graph RI's Patrick Hayes 2011-11-09
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Check status of duration datatypes Richard Cyganiak 2012-03-01
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Summarize issues relating to XSD canonicalization Jeremy Carroll 2011-11-16
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Create a short example for a TriG document and a clear notion of what is entailed by it Andy Seaborne 2011-11-16
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Modify RDF Semantics appropriately to hard-code the class extension of rdf:langString to the set of all pairs of strings and language tags Patrick Hayes 2011-11-16
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Move all content of RDF Concepts section 3 (RDF Vocabulary IRI and Namespace), and merge it into RDF Schema section 1 as appropriate (or create a new section?) Dan Brickley 2012-12-01 RDF Concepts
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Add list of XSD types to Concepts (assuming no objection from PatH or pfps) Richard Cyganiak 2011-11-25 xsd-in-rdf-concepts
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Summarize rdf:XMLLiteral options on the list Richard Cyganiak 2011-11-23 RDF XMLLiterals
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Raise issue around formated text literals Gavin Carothers 2011-12-07 HTML/XHTML Literals
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Ask SPARQL WG about allowing literals in the 4th column Guus Schreiber 2011-12-07
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Write up rdf:XMLLiteral proposal on the wiki Richard Cyganiak 2012-01-07 Cleanup tasks
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Review the 'RDFa primer' Guus Schreiber 2012-01-11
ACTION-128 (edit) closed And cgreer to review the 'RDFa core' document David Wood 2012-01-11
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Review sandro's use cases Jeremy Carroll 2012-01-11
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Write down both uses cases, and how they are addressed by both options Guus Schreiber 2012-01-11
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Send RDFa comments to RDFa WG Gavin Carothers 2012-01-25
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Send Guus' comments to RDFa WG Guus Schreiber 2012-01-25
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Proposal final wording for issue-82 Gavin Carothers 2012-01-25
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Create a new section on use case page Guus Schreiber 2012-01-25
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Review changes in W3C XML Schema Definition Language (XSD) -- Eric Prud'hommeaux 2012-02-01
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Review changes in W3C XML Schema Definition Language (XSD) -- Alex Hall 2012-02-01
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Write down an example of the syntaxes for the named graphs Guus Schreiber 2012-02-01
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Ask the group whether it needs to do anything about Richard Cyganiak 2012-02-06
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Ask jeremey to review XSD in RDF and OWL note David Wood 2012-02-08
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Review XSD in RDF and OWL from semantics perspective Patrick Hayes 2012-02-08
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Propose a vocabulary and semantics for adding timestamps to RDF graphs Patrick Hayes 2012-02-08
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Repsond to multiline comments comment of Danny Ayres Eric Prud'hommeaux 2012-02-15
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Propose text to say that %nn is *NOT* unescaped while parsing Turtle Eric Prud'hommeaux 2012-02-15
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Investigate what the relationship is, and document it Ted Thibodeau 2012-02-15
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Merge his page with Sandro's Guus Schreiber 2012-02-15
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Write down the provenance scenario example, as well as those in AndyS's and Steve's email, and the one from DBPedia Guus Schreiber 2012-02-15
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Propose by next week text that replaces section 4.3 Eric Prud'hommeaux 2012-02-22
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Write email about the "islands" idea Andy Seaborne 2012-02-29
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Illustrate how maps to current use cases Antoine Zimmermann 2012-02-29
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Fail to update Turtle/N-Triples grammar to not use \u escaping in the local part of prefix names Gavin Carothers 2012-03-21
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Update issue 74 with new escaping rules Gavin Carothers 2012-03-21
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Create new issue for :'s in the local part of prefix names Gavin Carothers 2012-03-21
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Review Andy's email from last week re N-Triples and comment on it. Zhe Wu 2012-03-21
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Figure out what happened with case-independent true/false Gavin Carothers 2012-03-21
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Prepare Turtle LC draft by March 28 Gavin Carothers 2012-03-21
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Prepare Turtle LC draft by March 28 Eric Prud'hommeaux 2012-03-21
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Review Turtle LC draft by April 9 Andy Seaborne 2012-04-09
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Review Turtle LC draft by April 9 Pierre-Antoine Champin 2012-04-09
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Draft Primer text on importing named graphs Guus Schreiber 2012-06-06 RDF Primer
ACTION-160 (edit) closed See if allowing colons in prefix names is an ambiguity Andy Seaborne 2012-04-04
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Ask SPARQL WG about Colon-gate 2012 Andy Seaborne 2012-04-04
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Work with Tom Baker to add the FRBR use case to Eric Prud'hommeaux 2012-04-18
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Send mail to ietf-types to request the media type application/n-triples Eric Prud'hommeaux 2012-04-25
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Talk to the OWL WG and RIF WG about ISSUE-87 and xsd:duration Peter Patel-Schneider 2012-05-09
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Note in RDF Semantics section on Simple Entailment that the RDF Concepts term “graph isomorphism” is the same as “graph equivalence” under simple entailment Peter Patel-Schneider 2013-02-27 RDF Semantics
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Remove list of XSD datatypes and related discussion from RDF Semantics (and reference the list in RDF Concepts instead, if appropriate) Patrick Hayes 2012-05-09 RDF Semantics
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Write up proposal for HTML literals Gavin Carothers 2012-06-06 html5-datatype
ACTION-168 (edit) closed Write up proposal for HTML literals Gavin Carothers 2012-05-31 html5-datatype
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-13 resolution in RDF Concepts Richard Cyganiak 2012-05-16 RDF XMLLiterals
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-13 resolution (make rdf:XMLLiteral optional and interpret it only under D-Entailment) Patrick Hayes 2012-05-16 RDF Semantics
ACTION-171 (edit) closed Update scribe list David Wood 2012-05-23
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Tell I14N WG about HTML 5 resolution Ivan Herman 2012-05-23
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Draft five sentences for the conformance section in Turtle Richard Cyganiak 2012-05-30 RDF Turtle
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Work with yves on informative text regarding avoiding duplication for subgraphs Richard Cyganiak 2012-05-30 subgraphs
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Draft a rule for predicateObjectList Andy Seaborne 2012-06-27 RDF Turtle
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Setup a poll for the next RDF WG F2F. Guus Schreiber 2012-07-04
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Create blog post on swig blog for Turtle LC David Wood 2012-07-18
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Start discussion on answer the questions on Provenance LC Patrick Hayes 2012-08-01
ACTION-179 (edit) closed Try to get permission to put a box on explaining that these tests have not been approved Sandro Hawke 2012-08-01
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Create a proposal for inverse property syntax in Turtle Gavin Carothers 2012-08-15
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Start wiki page for F2F David Wood 2012-08-15
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Check on hardware for meeting. Sandro Hawke 2012-08-29
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Send email to list about bNodes labels in TriG docs Richard Cyganiak 2012-09-12
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Review by 2 Oct Richard Cyganiak 2012-09-26
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Review by 2 Oct Eric Prud'hommeaux 2012-09-26
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Add timbl's comment to tracker Gavin Carothers 2012-09-26
ACTION-187 (edit) closed Notify cygri and sandro when the JSON-LD Syntax doc is ready for review Gregg Kellogg 2012-09-26
ACTION-188 (edit) closed Respond to i18n for issue 183 Eric Prud'hommeaux 2012-10-17 RDF Turtle
ACTION-189 (edit) closed Finish i18n-192 Gavin Carothers 2012-10-17
ACTION-190 (edit) closed respond for i18n 186 Eric Prud'hommeaux 2012-10-17 RDF Turtle
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Add escaping to Turtle in HTML Gavin Carothers 2012-10-17
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Send resolved text to Prov WG. Guus Schreiber 2012-10-24
ACTION-193 (edit) closed Draft "What's New in RDF 1.1" document David Wood 2012-11-05
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Add to RDF Primary and ISSUE about multi-language representation Guus Schreiber 2012-11-05
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Provide Primer document for review -- due 3 Jan Guus Schreiber 2012-11-05
ACTION-196 (edit) closed provide Primer document for review Guus Schreiber 2012-01-03 RDF Primer
ACTION-197 (edit) closed Provide a new WD for the WG to review by Nov 21st telecon Fabien Gandon 2012-11-05
ACTION-198 (edit) closed Check with Dan what he wants to do with regard to editorship (remain editor, leave it to Arnaud, remain co-editor?) Arnaud Le Hors 2012-11-05
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Add note on RDF Datasets noting that empty named graphs may not survive in some implementations Richard Cyganiak 2012-11-05 empty-graphs
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Contact Paul Groth re provenance example for TriG (before the prov wg ftf) David Wood 2012-11-06 RDF TriG
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Send a message about rdf:PlainLiteral to the owl-comments mailing list Richard Cyganiak 2012-12-01 RDF General
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Put a link to the JSON-LD issue tracker on Manu Sporny 2012-11-06 RDF JSON
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Identify an editor for a NOTE: Practical Use Cases of RDF Datasets Eric Prud'hommeaux 2012-11-06
ACTION-204 (edit) closed Invite Doug Schepers (shepazu on irc) to a future telecon to discuss SemWeb stack on David Wood 2012-11-06
ACTION-205 (edit) closed Add note to explanation of skolemization Patrick Hayes 2012-11-14 concept-notes
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Put Turtle tests into W3C space. Andy Seaborne 2012-11-14
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Do some documentation/README for the tests. Andy Seaborne 2012-11-14
ACTION-208 (edit) closed Provide draft of Concepts for WG review Richard Cyganiak 2012-11-21 RDF Concepts
ACTION-209 (edit) closed Write a WG Note on RDF dataset semantics Antoine Zimmermann 2013-01-15 RDF Graphs
ACTION-210 (edit) closed Review RDF-Concepts ED Peter Patel-Schneider 2012-11-28
ACTION-211 (edit) closed Review RDF-Concepts ED Antoine Zimmermann 2012-11-28
ACTION-212 (edit) closed Review RDF-Concepts ED Antoine Zimmermann 2012-11-28
ACTION-213 (edit) closed Contact dajobe about Turtle and test suites David Wood 2012-11-28
ACTION-214 (edit) closed Provide Editor's Draft of RDF 1.1 Semantics Patrick Hayes 2013-01-01 RDF Semantics
ACTION-215 (edit) closed Provide update to RDF semantics within two weeks. Patrick Hayes 2012-12-05
ACTION-216 (edit) closed Arrange update of and David Wood 2012-12-12
ACTION-217 (edit) closed Produce an LALR grammar that supports "<a> <b> <c> ; ;" and "<a> <b> <c> ; ; ." Sandro Hawke 2012-12-12
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Write Turtle CR transtion request Guus Schreiber 2012-12-19
ACTION-219 (edit) closed Informatively reference "XML Schema Datatypes in RDF and OWL" Patrick Hayes 2012-12-26 RDF Semantics
ACTION-220 (edit) closed Change the AtRisk styling to allow searching documents for the words "feature" and "risk" to find Features At Risk Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-01-16
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Work with dwood to make there is no duplicated content between RDF Concepts and RDF Semantics Patrick Hayes 2013-01-23 RDF Semantics
ACTION-222 (edit) closed Work with PatH to make sure there is no duplicated content between RDF Concepts and RDF Semantics David Wood 2013-01-23 RDF Concepts
ACTION-223 (edit) closed Partition by document the issues in his summary and raise issues on the appropriate documents Guus Schreiber 2013-01-30
ACTION-224 (edit) closed Review and report on ISSUE-62 Patrick Hayes 2013-01-30
ACTION-225 (edit) closed Update extension request with Turtle publication dates Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-01-30
ACTION-226 (edit) closed Implement ISSUE-111 resolution Richard Cyganiak 2013-02-13
ACTION-227 (edit) closed Present concrete wording for ISSUE-105 Richard Cyganiak 2013-02-13
ACTION-228 (edit) closed Respond to commenter Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-02-20
ACTION-229 (edit) closed Find the evidence Guus Schreiber 2013-02-20
ACTION-230 (edit) closed Write a blog post announcing Turtle to CR David Wood 2013-02-27
ACTION-231 (edit) closed Create a wiki page to track Turtle CR comments and notify the editors. David Wood 2013-02-27
ACTION-232 (edit) closed Learn about the w3c test suite license Sandro Hawke 2013-03-06
ACTION-233 (edit) closed Publish the consolidated test suite Gavin Carothers 2013-03-06 RDF Turtle
ACTION-234 (edit) closed Ask Richard to review Semantics Guus Schreiber 2013-03-06
ACTION-235 (edit) closed Review RDF 1.1 Semantics Antoine Zimmermann 2013-03-06
ACTION-236 (edit) closed Put spec of scope bnodes in Concepts on agenda for 6 Mar Guus Schreiber 2013-03-06
ACTION-237 (edit) closed Ask Andy to review JSPN-LD syntax doc Guus Schreiber 2013-03-06
ACTION-238 (edit) closed Review the JSON-LD syntax document, after Sandro's review has been taken into account Charles Greer 2013-03-13
ACTION-239 (edit) closed Review Semantics draft regarding move to FPWD Richard Cyganiak 2013-03-13
ACTION-240 (edit) closed Review JSON-LD API document Sandro Hawke 2013-03-27
ACTION-241 (edit) closed Review JSON-LD API document Zhe Wu 2013-03-27
ACTION-242 (edit) closed Review JSON-LD API doc Zhe Wu 2013-03-27
ACTION-243 (edit) closed Provide license text, asking submitters of comments 21 and 28 if they are willing to share their submitted tests with no IP restrictions and under the proposed license. Gavin Carothers 2013-04-03
ACTION-244 (edit) closed Tag 1bd3ae36aebf as "Turtletests2013" Gavin Carothers 2013-04-03 RDF Turtle
ACTION-245 (edit) closed (with Sandro) to copy or proxy Turtletests2013 to, updating all base or ttl references to http://example/base/ to be Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-04-03
ACTION-246 (edit) closed Remove #localName_with_PN_CHARS_BASE_character_boundaries Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-04-03
ACTION-247 (edit) closed Tag 1bd3ae36aebf as "Turtletests2013" Gavin Carothers 2013-04-03
ACTION-248 (edit) closed (with Sandro) to copy or proxy Turtletests2013 to, updating all base or ttl references to http://example/base/ to be Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-04-03
ACTION-249 (edit) closed Resolve with WG on LC status of JSON-LD on 10/04/2013 David Wood 2013-04-10
ACTION-250 (edit) closed Review pfps's proposal on ISSUE-107 Richard Cyganiak 2013-04-10
ACTION-251 (edit) closed Investigate dependencies on DOM4 and HTML5 in Concepts Richard Cyganiak 2013-04-10
ACTION-252 (edit) closed Propose wording in concepts to reflect blank node semantics changes Peter Patel-Schneider 2013-04-24
ACTION-253 (edit) closed Propose changes for what Concepts says about ill-typed literals Peter Patel-Schneider 2013-04-24
ACTION-254 (edit) closed Propose solution for ISSUE-118 Patrick Hayes 2013-04-24
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Edit Semantics per the previous proposal Peter Patel-Schneider 2013-05-01
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Link TriG to new text in RDF Concepts Gavin Carothers 2013-05-01
ACTION-257 (edit) closed Add resolution of issue-107 to RDF Concepts David Wood 2013-05-01
ACTION-258 (edit) closed Update RDF Concepts to reflect issue-109 David Wood 2013-05-01
ACTION-259 (edit) closed Modify RDF Concepts in respect to ISSUE-126, see David Wood 2013-05-01
ACTION-260 (edit) closed Gather data for resolving the turtle feature-at-risk. Gavin Carothers 2013-05-01
ACTION-261 (edit) closed Add wording to Semantics to again define the merge of two RDF graphs Patrick Hayes 2013-05-08
ACTION-262 (edit) closed Add text to Concepts that bad language tag is a syntax error David Wood 2013-05-15
ACTION-263 (edit) closed Raise an erratum against SPARQL for the resolution that graph names can be blank nodes. Andy Seaborne 2013-07-31
ACTION-264 (edit) closed Find the history and suggest phrasing for Concepts Sandro Hawke 2013-05-22
ACTION-265 (edit) closed Implement the langString resolution in rdf-concepts AND ENJOY IT David Wood 2013-05-29
ACTION-266 (edit) closed Add tarball to Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-06-05 RDF Turtle
ACTION-267 (edit) closed Update to point to Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-06-05 RDF Turtle
ACTION-268 (edit) closed Review tests comments in to make sure all are addressed Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-06-05 RDF Turtle
ACTION-269 (edit) closed Set up WBS on bound semantics Guus Schreiber 2013-06-12
ACTION-270 (edit) closed Write resolution text for issue-23 Gavin Carothers 2013-06-12
ACTION-271 (edit) closed Ask EricP to respond to the feature at risk commenters re PREFIX Guus Schreiber 2013-06-12
ACTION-272 (edit) closed Send email describing the differences between Antoine's view and the current draft (eg you don't know what the datatype interpretation is) Peter Patel-Schneider 2013-06-19
ACTION-273 (edit) closed Respond to LC issues (11, 12, 18, 37) Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-06-26
ACTION-274 (edit) closed Implement in Concepts David Wood 2013-06-26
ACTION-275 (edit) closed Create first version of n-quads test suite Gregg Kellogg 2013-07-03 RDF-N-Quads
ACTION-276 (edit) closed Ask david on the LC draft of Concepts Guus Schreiber 2013-07-03
ACTION-277 (edit) closed Write blog post and do out reach on publication of Concepts and Semantics Guus Schreiber 2013-07-10
ACTION-278 (edit) closed Create new grammar for TriG that includes optional graph keywords and make {} optional around the default graph Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-07-10
ACTION-279 (edit) closed Propose text for TriG feature at risk for both GRAPH keywords and {} being optional around the default graph Sandro Hawke 2013-07-10
ACTION-280 (edit) closed Contact rdf-wg-comments, semantic-web and submitters of test results at the bottom of Gavin Carothers 2013-07-10
ACTION-281 (edit) closed Provide sandro text for to NOT say it's the test suite Gavin Carothers 2013-07-31 RDF Turtle
ACTION-282 (edit) closed Check with Gavin on status and see if 2nd editor is helpful (and where) Andy Seaborne 2013-08-14
ACTION-283 (edit) closed Apply the resolution to issue-140 in concepts David Wood 2013-08-28
ACTION-284 (edit) closed Add changes from last publication, and acknowledgement sections Gavin Carothers 2013-09-04
ACTION-285 (edit) closed Prepare a lc edition of trig by 11 Sep Andy Seaborne 2013-09-04
ACTION-286 (edit) closed Prepare a lc edition of trig by 11 Sep Gavin Carothers 2013-09-04
ACTION-287 (edit) closed Prepare a pubrules-ready copy and notify list about where it is Arnaud Le Hors 2013-09-04
ACTION-288 (edit) closed Publish rdf/json spec provided by arnaud Guus Schreiber 2013-09-04
ACTION-289 (edit) closed Read and respond to greg willians's comment Sandro Hawke 2013-09-04 RDF Turtle
ACTION-290 (edit) closed Draft a response to jeremy Peter Patel-Schneider 2013-09-18
ACTION-291 (edit) closed Start the new test suite document for semantics Peter Patel-Schneider 2013-09-18
ACTION-292 (edit) closed Review the previous semantics test-suite Antoine Zimmermann 2013-09-18
ACTION-293 (edit) closed Update turtle ed to match published turtle cr document Gavin Carothers 2013-09-18 RDF Turtle
ACTION-294 (edit) closed Change (pn_chars_u | ':' | [0-9] | plx) ((pn_chars | '.' | ':' | plx)* pn_chars | ':' | plx)? to (pn_chars_u | ':' | [0-9] | plx) ((pn_chars | '.' | ':' | plx)* (pn_chars | ':' | plx))? Gavin Carothers 2013-09-25
ACTION-295 (edit) closed Set the lc period to end on 11 october 2013 , presuming no delays in publication after 20 sept (two days hence) Gavin Carothers 2013-09-25
ACTION-296 (edit) closed Let the wg know where this conversation stands on tuesday morning Sandro Hawke 2013-09-25
ACTION-297 (edit) closed Write semantics tests with help of sandro Antoine Zimmermann 2013-09-25
ACTION-298 (edit) closed Put semantics tests into mercurial Sandro Hawke 2013-10-02
ACTION-299 (edit) closed Draft response to paul groth Gavin Carothers 2013-10-02
ACTION-300 (edit) closed Add readme and license to semantics tests Peter Patel-Schneider 2013-10-09
ACTION-301 (edit) closed Create landing page for semantics tests Sandro Hawke 2013-10-09 RDF Semantics
ACTION-302 (edit) closed Announce all our lc documents to and and other places Guus Schreiber 2013-10-09
ACTION-303 (edit) closed Tell jeremy we're doing this. Sandro Hawke 2013-10-09
ACTION-304 (edit) closed Send a proposed response to jeremy to the wg for comments Peter Patel-Schneider 2013-10-09
ACTION-305 (edit) closed Draft reply to issue-149 and send to wg list Patrick Hayes 2013-10-09
ACTION-306 (edit) closed Update turtle ed to reference the test suite. Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-10-16
ACTION-307 (edit) closed Respond to joe rockmore relating to issue-152 and close if okay Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-10-16
ACTION-308 (edit) closed Write up proposal for adding a parameter to the media type registration, if it doesn't require a new lc Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-10-16
ACTION-309 (edit) closed Make an editorial change to concepts in answer to issue-147 David Wood 2013-10-16
ACTION-310 (edit) closed Respond to david booth on issue-149 Peter Patel-Schneider 2013-10-16
ACTION-311 (edit) closed Draft and postpone "stronger semantics for datasets?" issue Guus Schreiber 2013-10-30
ACTION-312 (edit) closed Respond to michael schneider and invite him to a telecon if the email doesn't resole the issue easily Patrick Hayes 2013-10-30
ACTION-313 (edit) closed Combine the local bibliographies of the docs to be pub'd (rdf11-concepts, rdf11-mt, n-quads, n-triples, trig) and put result at top level Markus Lanthaler 2013-10-30
ACTION-314 (edit) closed Finish the transition request and close the issues, adapt issue text Markus Lanthaler 2013-10-30
ACTION-315 (edit) closed Contact michael about rdf semantics tests Peter Patel-Schneider 2013-11-06
ACTION-316 (edit) closed See that parsing rules in turtle map plain literal syntax to literal constructor of type xsd:string Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-11-06
ACTION-317 (edit) closed Respond to tcr8 Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-11-06
ACTION-318 (edit) closed Edit turtle-bnf.html to add quoted characters and respond with an affirmative on tcr34 Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-11-06
ACTION-319 (edit) closed Update documents and bibliography Gavin Carothers 2013-11-06
ACTION-320 (edit) closed Respond to tcr33 with the string identifier for the version of turtle published by the rdf wg is "rdf 1.1 turtle" Eric Prud'hommeaux 2013-11-06
ACTION-321 (edit) closed Write up scribe schedule for remaining meetings Guus Schreiber 2013-11-13
ACTION-322 (edit) closed Draft announcement emails for other lists Guus Schreiber 2013-11-13
ACTION-323 (edit) closed Review az's dataset semantics document Patrick Hayes 2013-11-13
ACTION-324 (edit) closed Review az's dataset semantics document Guus Schreiber 2013-11-13
ACTION-325 (edit) closed Make sure sublanguage test suites include other language tests Gregg Kellogg 2013-11-13
ACTION-326 (edit) closed Describe how sparql datasets relate to rdf datasets in rdf concepts David Wood 2013-11-27
ACTION-327 (edit) closed Review proposed changes in Guus Schreiber 2013-11-27
ACTION-328 (edit) closed Mark tests approved and email the list. Andy Seaborne 2013-12-04
ACTION-329 (edit) closed Add syntax sections to what's new in rdf 1.1 Gavin Carothers 2013-12-04
ACTION-330 (edit) closed review "What's New" Peter Patel-Schneider 2013-12-04 RDF General
ACTION-331 (edit) closed Send reminders for comments 1 and 2 Guus Schreiber 2013-12-11
ACTION-332 (edit) closed Remove reference to old primer from xml schema Guus Schreiber 2013-12-18
ACTION-333 (edit) closed Make proposal to change rdf/xml to deal with rdf:xmlliteral Gavin Carothers 2013-12-18
ACTION-334 (edit) closed Respond to Greg Williams Guus Schreiber 2013-12-18 RDF N-Triples
ACTION-335 (edit) closed Update manifest and regenerate implementation report Gregg Kellogg 2013-12-25 RDF Semantics
ACTION-336 (edit) closed Inform commenter of resolution of issue-148 Guus Schreiber 2013-12-25
ACTION-337 (edit) closed Find some test cases for Gregg Kellogg 2013-12-25
ACTION-338 (edit) closed Fix the @ token duplication Gavin Carothers 2014-02-05
ACTION-339 (edit) closed Respond to axel on d-entailment Patrick Hayes 2014-02-05
ACTION-340 (edit) closed Respond to lars about his turtle comments Gavin Carothers 2014-02-05
ACTION-341 (edit) closed Ask richard about original N-Quads link Guus Schreiber 2014-02-05
ACTION-342 (edit) closed Discuss short names for rdf 1.1 with ralph Guus Schreiber 2014-02-05
ACTION-343 (edit) closed Do an additional review of the dataset note Patrick Hayes 2014-02-05
ACTION-344 (edit) closed Take care of rdf/xml tests for next week Gregg Kellogg 2014-02-05
ACTION-345 (edit) closed Send email on turtle unintentional error recovery Eric Prud'hommeaux 2014-02-19
ACTION-346 (edit) closed Add pointer to errata page from notes Guus Schreiber 2014-02-19
ACTION-347 (edit) closed Send pat an email to get him to review datasets, and make any changes for 19 feb Antoine Zimmermann 2014-02-19
ACTION-348 (edit) closed Write a draft blog entry for rec Guus Schreiber 2014-02-26

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