ISSUE-202: PROV-AQ give brief map of contents in introduction


PROV-AQ give brief map of contents in introduction

Accessing and Querying Provenance
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Graham Klyne
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Sandro pointed out in a revised abstract suggestion for PROV-AQ that there are fundamentally two levels of provenance access described: "We describe both simple access mechanisms for locating provenance information associated with web pages or resources, and provenance query services for more complex deployments."

I think it would be worth adding some brief text to the introduction directing readers to the corresponding parts of the document.
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Extended introduction thus:

This note describes how standard web protocols may be used to locate, retrieve and query provenance information:

Simple mechanisms for retrieving and discovering provenance information are described in section 2. Accessing provenance information and section 3. Locating provenance information .
More advanced discovery service and query mechanisms that may be used for more demanding deployments are described in section 4. Provenance services, section 5. Querying provenance information and section 6. Incremental Provenance Retrieval.

Graham Klyne, 5 Jan 2012, 15:08:55

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