Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

15 Dec 2011

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Abou-Zahra_Shadi, Miesenberge_Klaus, Vigo_Markel, Harper_Simon, Thiessen_Peter
Kouroupetroglou_Christos, Yesilada_Yeliz, Brajnik_Giorgio, Conway_Vivienne


W3C Note

<Peter> (sorry awful connection today)

SH: what is the status of the Note?

MV: identifying the gaps

<sharper> SAZ: to help the editors with the note boilerplate and US Spelling etc

<markel> SH: I need to provide some links with style guides to develop the note..administrative stuff..there's a general template..I'll be happy to provide that..the usual language is EN-US

<markel> SAZ: that's before you got too far

New Topic Discussion << Focus of this weeks meeting

<sharper> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki

<markel> MV: thanks for that

SH: quite a few topics that we are looking at
... need to decide how to select
... editors is one factor
... maybe biggest point
... lots of WAI focus on mobile accessibility

<sharper> http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Mobile_Accessibility

SH: maybe good to address that

<markel> SAZ: it's a hot topic now, there's a UN org responsible to monitor human rights...there's another org in Korea that wants to submit to another standards org like JTC-1..there's lots of things going on

<sharper> Reciprocal Interoperability of Accessible and Mobile Webs (RIAM)

<markel> SAZ: some efforts should be devoted in consolidating this

<sharper> http://wel-eprints.cs.manchester.ac.uk/view/subjects/riam.html

<markel> SAZ: is that (RIAM) any org?

SH: RIAM is a research project funded by the UK government
... looking at differences and similarities between mobile and accessibility guidelines
... working with CTIC in Spain on extension from RIAM into their mobile work

<Zakim> shadi, you wanted to talk about other factors to selecting a topic

SH: Yeliz and I offer to be editors if no one else offers

<markel> SAZ: I don't think there would be a problem having a chair as an editor..it's gonna be difficult on your side..as you will have to be switching roles

<markel> SAZ: early on we talked about the factors to select a topic

<markel> SAZ: having editors ready is key

<sharper> RIAM Framework: Overlaps between Mobile and Accessible Webs - http://wel-eprints.cs.manchester.ac.uk/96/

<markel> SAZ: your university one of the initiatives that reflects the work on mobile web accessibility

<markel> SAZ: if nobody else is offering as an editor we can say that SH and YY can be editors


KM: session at ICCHP also looking at mobile accessibility
... maybe can cooperate on that

SH: when is ICCHP?

KM: July 11-13th

SH: expect to have two symposia by then

<markel> SAZ: I think that's one option, it depends how we coordinate those people. Klaus suggest that we can do something together

<markel> SAZ: I think we could check with them

SH: would like to have a better idea about the next topic or two early next year
... would be driven by the editors
... good response from the community and would be good to build on the momentum
... could do mobile next and have ICCHP as a potential follow-up
... need to decide how this will look very soon

MV: think we do not have enough participants in the group
... do we have critical mass?
... worried about the level of involvement

SH: agree with the concern but need to get these seminars out
... to attract new people

PT: mobile accessibility is a very exciting topics
... assume you primarly mean blind users
... would be very interested in being an editor

SH: may ber othe aspects beyond blindness
... good to have additional editors

<Zakim> shadi, you wanted to respond on participation

<markel> SAZ: I agree with SH, there are many aspects..touchscreens, gestures...if you don't have dextery..many types of disabilities get an impact

<markel> SAZ: I want to reply to MV. This is usual, unfortunately people tend to drop out. We are transitioning...the first note is important to show people what we do

<markel> SAZ: having a presence would be good..ICCHP or W4A

<markel> SAZ: it'd be great to have face 2 face meetings

<markel> SAZ: there are some new 2 people joining to the mailing list

SH: maybe we should think about joining mobile and touch interface topics
... they are different but very related

<Peter> +1 combining mobile a11y and touch interfaces (we could dig deeper later)

SH: or do we want to keep completely separate?

<markel> I think it's too broad

SAZ: maybe combine would yield more contributions to select from

<markel> I think that the focus is important

<Peter> (Just encase you haven't read some related guidelines, these might be some good reading over the holidays: http://www.w3.org/WAI/mobile/experiences, http://www.w3.org/TR/mobile-bp/, http://www.w3.org/TR/mwabp/)

<markel> I prefer something like that Si

<Zakim> shadi, you wanted to ask klaus about combining symposium with ICCHP

<markel> SAZ: deadline for ICCHP is 1st of Feb

<markel> we probably cannot make it

<markel> SAZ: can we have some invited contributions to that session?

<markel> SAZ: can we present these results in ICCHP?

<markel> KM: yes we can do that

<markel> +

<markel> SAZ: Simon do you think that the output would also be more than a note and become a contribution to ICCHP

SH: would need to have mobile as second session and get some contribution to ICCHP
... group could formulate input

<markel> SAZ: we will have a ICCHP preconference workshop which will mention the contributions of the RDWG

<markel> SAZ: let's talk further about the topics. There's a thematic session about mobility..at a specific topic level we can coordinate with these ICCHP session. Talking generally as a group, KM talked also about a keynote

SH: any other thoughts about this?

MV: happy with any initiative to increase participation
... opportunities at ICCHP is welcome

SH: could look at W4A and potentially ASSETS too
... maybe also CSUN

<markel> SAZ: CSUN deadline is gone..I think W4A and ASSETS where future participants come from..lets talk about specific issues

PT: have we decided on the mobile accessibility topic?

SH: not quite yet but will put out the question for decision during the next meeting
... also to check if we combine them or not and to think about the third topic too
... want to give people the opportunity to think about that during the xmas breaks
... but decide right after when we next meet
... we have editors and are ready to go, need to work out the scope
... could have yeliz and peter do mobile, and I pick up another one
... want to keep up the momentum

<markel> SAZ: Klaus, I know there are some conditions in your org, maybe you can think about some topics as part of the..project

<markel> KM: yeah

Happy Holidays and a Good New Year

SH: thanks for everyone

<markel> :-) Happy holidays! It's a pleasure

<Peter> Have a great holiday!

<markel> good bye!

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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