Media Pipeline Task Force call
1 Dec 2011


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Clarke: Request to take notes - R-Berkoff
... Cover discussions on reflector about different errors
... Cover Mark W comments on errors
... Then Jan and Disney comments

<glenn> Clarke, the TF's Telcoo page seems to have the wrong time listed ... 1500Z ... needs to be updated to winter time (1600Z)

Clarke: Most errors about communications errors - Disney errors concerns authorization issues

Jan: On Mark's comments - Generic syntax on error identification - May not make sense
... Combined with Mark's proposal
... Added DNS server errors

Mark?: Why was categorization scheme dropped?

Jan: Describes http error scheme?
... Added header for RTSP
... Added string identifier ex: Protocol:...

Mark?: HTML5 might not accept scheme?

Jan: Combined with Marks draft w/additions

Mark: Will send comments on Jan's proposal

Clarke: To Mark: Please explain proposal - Had 600 errors

<glenn> note other error values in DOM, etc., are defined as enumerated integers, not strings

Mark: HTML WG conservative on allocating errors

Clarke: If Mark's proposal followed - 10 to 12 errors added to HTML media element

Mark: 2nd level error - Network error - then what kind of error
... Also list errors like no route to host etc

Jason: Does proposed list include DRM errors

Mark: No .. DNS errors, etc

Clarke: Disney error set related to DRM - highter level errors

Disney: Separate out DRM errors from others

Mark: Working on detailed proposal
... Separating Authentication/Auth from other errors

Clarke: Where should line be drawn?

Bob: Some DRM vendors should provide input - PC clients module bundled with player does DRM work
... If DRM / Content Providers dont like arch then proposal not useful

Mark: Errors codes would not impact robustness of DRM

Bob: If Web Content passes keys to video player - Q1 is this accurate Q2 How would this work in HTML environment

Mark: DRM module on client communicates to Video Tag
... Back-end system doesnt need to know about DRM just Authorization

??: On key security - key typically not at risk - Uses Public Key encryption

Bob: Request for key gets routed through JS (not acted upon in JS)

Jan: Existing API
... --From OIPF

Mark: OIPF API has methods we can use - but doesnt split components in arch

Jan: Additional spec available - JS and Conent Protection

Mark: Please forward specs

Clarke: Please post spec - Compare with PlayReady implementation

Mark: PlayReady being implemented in HbbTV

??: On OIPF - How could OIPF specs be transferred to W3C

Jan: Need to establish liaison
... OMA to W3C
... Doubtful W3C will go into DRM arch

Mark: Need to discuss DRM arch - Needs not to be black-box components
... Scope to key exchange

Jan: Need W3C WG to create APIs?

Clarke: Should encourage DRM providers to participate

MS: MS can provide resources for DRM
... Need workflow - Based on OIPF or Hybrid - Would need to address liaison issues
... Propose interface acceptable to W3C. MS & other DRM providers agree to proposed arch
... AR to propose something for next call

MarkV?: Eventually would need separate group
... Would need to deal w/IP issues for OIPF

<glenn> W3C specs can normatively ref specs from other orgs that have different IPR policies than W3C

Clarke: Next topic

Duncan: How many streams in adaptive set

Jason: Helpful to have multi-bitrate controls - would improve apps

Duncan: Will send proposal for discussion

??: Check WhatWG webpage?

Duncan: Doesnt cover adaptive streams sets
... DTG beginning to consider related ideas

??: Related to DASH proposals?

Clarke: To Duncan: Please post to MPTF Wiki
... Last topic - 3rd categories

1 - Error codes

<Johnsim> sorry - "??" above is Johnsim

2 Feedback for Adaptive streaming

??: Thx John

Clarke: Other questions?

Jason: MediaSource extension

Clark Francois proposal - Proposal to generate media streams from JS

... From Chrome guys - Feed content from JS into video tag
... Concerns whether viable on constrained platforms

Clarke: Concerns about interop

Jason: Video Tag doesnt define codecs

Jasons: For ex HTTP-Live Streaming - JS can feed content into video tag

Jason: Similar to Mark's proposal to pass Key into Video Tag
... May have performance concerns (involving JS)

Clarke: Encourage participants to evaluate proposal ... Cover in more detail when Francois is available
... End of agenda - will update holiday schedule


Summary of Action Items

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