Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

24 Nov 2011

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Shadi, Peter, Simon, Mario, Markel, Giorgio
Vivienne, Joshue


Seminar Logistics

Simon: Shadi could you give us a quick overview of who's signed up ...

Shadi: I was expecting about 20-30 people but we had lines for 50 people - booked with in less than 24 hours

… I'm trying to get some more lines which may or may not work

…also about 20-30% of the people who registered will not attend

…people who need to be on the call, I'll make sure to get them signed up

Simon: Excellent, the fact that so many people are interested

Shadi: I think this is really great and the registrant are publicly documented on the submission list.

…it looks like a good audience

…some people I know other's I don't

…we have people from all around the world Japan, … corporations and academia - so it seams like a pretty good mix

… Giorgio I was saying that anyone who needs to be on the call… I have some leway

…live captioning will be available and available on the Web

…I'm not planning to record the call as an audio file but instead provide captions/logs

…I also tried to put on the public facing pages that this is not an intro and on the messaging announcement warning about this

Simon: I agree on all those things, and looking at the list I recognize 90% of the people and esp. Amy from Oracle etc. Its good to see this many people.

…It's good that its both industry and researchers

…I was expecting less people, this is really excellent!

…We got everything to make this first call to gain interest ...

…They're all possibilities to join if we have a good seminar

Giorgio: I was going to ask Shadi that the caption would be equivalent to scribing. So will we have enough information to reconstruct the call ...?

Shadi: Yes, this is going to be professional captioning ...

<Zakim> shadi, you wanted to say more about meeting moderation

…so no need to do minutes. Of course I guess the session chairs will be taking the notes for further work. We might also want to produce a summary of the highlights ...

<giorgio> ok; one more thing ..

Giorgio: one more thing, I sent you an email by two of the authors who weren't able to enlist, David Sloan, in particular

Shadi: As I said those people, speakers, certainly we will get in

Simon: on this list, you can see that David Sloan is on the list

…I'm not sure who is the other one

Shadi: I may have missed this email … did send an email to authors who were not registered

…I think their were only 2 or 3 and asking to email to register

…please resend

Giorgio: if David is registered then their is no problem

…the day after the notice he tried to register but it was closed ...

Shadi: Unfortunately within 24 hours I had to close registration

…logistics: about the meeting moderation. The meeting will work as follows: each registered person will receive an email from me with both the dialling code and a personal code.

… so a little different than the typical work group meeting - you have to type in two codes

…so that only registered people can call in

…we will have an IRC channel

…I encourage all the session chairs and work group members to join this channel. It will be on the same hash ID and you'll be able to see the people who joined the code (based on pass code)

…by default everyone will be muted when they join

<markel> irc is also good to make questions

…by typing "41#" in their phone they can virtually raise their hand

… I will be muting and unmuting the people (moderating)

…you can unmute yourselves from IRC as well but I encourage you to get a good phone setup and I will unmute the presenters and raises their hand (virtually)

…it will be very strongly moderated. The instructions will be in the email and repeated during the call as well.

<giorgio> ok

…I encourage the session chairs that if people want to speak up they need to type "41#" to raise their hand (virtually)?

<Mario> OK, I like it too.

Simon: what happens if you type "41#" now?

Shadi: yup it works now

…most commands are available through the keypad...

…"40#" takes you off the queue...

<markel> I agree with the strict moderation protocol, sounds reasonable. I also agree with sending the instructions by email

…same with mute "61#" ...

…At first I was thinking people can join IRC but so many people will probably be new to IRC … and have the WG join IRC … and everyone else join the call...

Simon: agreed

Giorgio: so the main idea is to use the phone only and not IRC?

Shadi: so I encourage you to … join IRC so you can see who's raising their hand … and other commands. WG participants are also welcome …

Giorgio: so "41#" == "q+"

Shadi: those are actually commands of the phone bridge and IRC acts as a phone bridge ...

Giorgio: as a suggestion for the letter to be sent to participants with minimal instructions on how to use the system

<giorgio> ok

<Mario> Don't tell them how to numute themselves!

Shadi: the only thing they will need to know is "41#" to speak up

…if they want to get off the queue … (commands)

<giorgio> good.

…they don't need to know any of the other commands

…Gogio one last thing I see that you've already received some papers and was asked if we can go beyond the word limits

…I'm expecting to receive the paper so I can post them over the weekend

Giorgio: I wasn't sure about this, was this an email that you didn't get? … Did you get ...

Shadi: I got them but I would prefer if you send me a final list of agreed papers ..

… I had asked the speakers to put everyone on CC

Markel: I think we are all getting them

…I have one question, some papers that were conditional acceptance upon changes

…for volunteers to check the changes, what's the deadline?

Shadi: unfortunately this is some of the stuff we didn't plan time for…as soon as possible

…the papers we already received 1 or 2 these can already be checked

<giorgio> ok; we will send them to you

…thats why Giorgio I'd like to see the approved papers from the session chairs

…there might be 1 or 2 missing that need review and we can put them online Mon/Tues

Markel: so as soon as the papers are available I'll check ...

…what if the papers don't follow the conditions?

Simon: if so, we'll have to get in contact with them but that is something I can do … and discuss that in more detail with the editors

…but we'll take it on faith that they made the changes ...

…we'll cross that when we come to it

Shadi: one thing that I rally on session chair is that the papers are accessible

…eg. if the diagram is well described ...

…there might be one paper that may be at risk at not meeting the conditions

….the 1000 limit is one of the questions I've received, if they can extend … the answer is no

…for future things we may re-think if we want to extend the limit

Giorgio: I would slightly more tolerant in answering to David Sloan that the limit be removed ...

…it doesn't make a big difference

<Mario> +1

Shadi: I may have responded to David

…feel free to overwrite my response and say that after discussion … going over the limit is ok

…I think this is an issue we should come back to later

<giorgio> ok

Simon: we should look at how this one goes ...

Shadi: for this time please get back to David ...

…since we told everyone 1000 words, it was more out of fairness ...

<markel> i'm fine by now

Giorgio: I don't think I got your response Shadi

Shadi: to David?

Giorgio: yes

Shadi: someone did ask me offline, did he ask you offline?

Giorgio: I'll check again

Shadi: or maybe thats what I thought I wanted to answer and never did

…I'm looking back as well

…I'll send you …I tried to put you in CC to make sure your aware of what's happening. Let me double check my emails ...

…there was at least one other question that I may have responded to

…to recap: Girogio and Markel: please send me by tomorrow end of day whatever papers you have, and whatever is left to review, send whenever your ready on Monday or Tuesday.

<giorgio> ok for me

<markel> ok

…I'll be travelling but should have good internet access and able to online

Simon: one thing to say, what people think about next thursday's session?

…do we want to focus on the following monday's teleconference?

…or any other business like the wiki such as the next topic ...

<giorgio> we can do both

Shadi: I probably won't be able to attend next weeks teleconference

<Mario> I'm travelling next Thursday, cannot attend next TelCo.

…if there is something that needs my attendance I will

Simon: we can keep a list of things we need feedback from you on

<markel> we can start discussing about the new topic + last minute logistics

…we can do a 5 minute about logistics and also after we can go on to look at the wiki

…I don't think we need your attendance for that

Shadi: regarding future topics, I want to raise the group's attention to mobile accessibility


…on the political level and many groups … I'll try to put some more stuff on the wiki and advocate for that

Simon: I think I agree with you and on the User agent group we're working on that

…if we have an idea what the W3C wants us to do or ideas about what input they'd like

…we wouldn't want it to be directionless … some sort of focus might be mutually beneficial for the W3C within the 3 month cycle

Shadi: maybe Simon you and I should attend the next coordination group meeting

…also another thing, the 3D Web Consortium that basically want to contribute to the wiki and maybe the next teleconference

…maybe one of the future meetings

Simon: sounds interesting

Shadi: thanks to the session chairs and group I'm really looking forward to this!

Simon: thanks' … :)

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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