WAI HTML-A11y Bug Triage weekly meeting

15 Nov 2011


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Gez_Lemon, Marco_Ranon, Everett_Zufelt
LĂ©onie Watson


<lwatson> agenda: this

Identify Scribe

scribe hhillen

New bugs review

LW: I'll drop Everett a line about potential new bugs

<MichaelC> Bugs Awaiting A11Y TF keyword decision

Bug keyword check


LW: It looks like Everett changed the priority keyword directly, it was changed back by co chair

MC: It's probably too late now

LW: Gez' bugs all had the relevant keywords in
... Marco's Review


LW: Needs a11ytf keyword according to Marco, I've added it now

HH: My bug lists did not require any keyword changes

LW: All my bugs were tagged correctly

MC: I feel reasonably confident about my bugs

LW: We still need an update from Joshue

be done

Sub team bugs

LW: I tried to get a list of of sub team specific bugs, but couldn't get it to work in bugzilla

HH: I can pull out those links from Bugzilla and then I'll send them to you

MC: Are we limiting this to needsinfo bugs?

LW: Yes

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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