HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

10 Nov 2011


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Cynthia_Shelly, JohnFoliot, Janina_Sajka, Michael_Cooper, PaulCotton, MikeSmith, Rich_Schwerdtfeger, Steve_Faulkner, Leonie_Watson, JudyBrewer


Subteam reports

lwatson: on call on Tuesday, discussed changing priority of a particular bug, and looked a some bugs that were lacking keywords, as well as looking at "needs info" bugs to make sure they have an assigned person

janina: I suspect our priority over the next month will be following up on various bugs and that more of us need to be helping do that

richardschwerdtfe: about canvas, Frank asked to write a modified version of the hit-testing proposal
... I asked him to base it on the current draft
... and I asked if we really need to change focus ring
... my take on it is, could we live with what's already in there
... and I think we could
... so I think Frank is writing it up and we want to run it by Jonas Sicking and Ted O'Connor
... some other things that came up is that we've been talking about the component model that will help on this down the road
... but in the mean time, we need to deal specifically with canvas for now

janina: the text-alternatives subteam did not meet this week
... and there are a couple of items that are waiting on me to complete
... I expect that we will meet next Tuesday

cynthia: about the a11y API mappings subteam, Stevef, are we going to meet next Tuesday?

Stevef: yeah, can, but have to leave at half-past

John: about the Media subteam, we need to get the subteam re-convened; we should probably do that next week
... we have the poster-alt issue that has a Formal Objection from me logged against it
... I talked with Frank about the ARIA-based solution for the poster-alt issue
... and I need to follow up with David Bolter about it
... and if we could get that added to ARIA 1.1, would like to do that

cynthia: Why would we need new ARIA markup for this, instead of just aria-describedat?

John: describedat would be the long textual description for the movie itself
... we need a dedicated long textual description just for the poster

cynthia: let's talk about this later

[some discussion about details]

John: we have been thinking about this as a foreground image, but perhaps we need to think of it as a background image
... and the ability to describe a background image has other utility than just the poster-alt case
... lots of uses
... so if we were to add this new role, it would be abstracted out for general use

richardschwerdtfe: we are trying to get ARIA through CR, I am a little concerned about this parallel effort

janina: can we talk about timing and process on Monday's PF call?
... I think we have some good options
... the concern about going sequentially was that we would have to re-do all our testing, but according to Judy that's not necessarily so

richardschwerdtfe: well, we still have to get implementations in browsers

cynthia: could we do it during the last 30 minutes of the call, please?

janina: so let's to the process-timing discussion ahead of that?
... and I want to remind everybody that the user-agent implementation guide is a joint deliverable of the PFWG and HTML WG

<paulc> http://dev.w3.org/html5/status/formal-objection-status.html#ISSUE-142

MikeSmith: any other business?

richardschwerdtfe: wanted to ask Judy, do we need to go through a full CR on ARIA 1.1 again?

Judy: you have all the evidence for all the tests you did for ARIA 1.0
... so all of your evidence for 1.0 would still be valid
... it would be unusual if you were trying to run the timeline so that they were done at the same time
... but maybe we don't need to drive the details here
... you would not be free of the obligations for 1.1, but you would need to cover the new features

<Stevef> Ian Hickson responds over HTML5 getting 'time' element back http://www.netmagazine.com/news/ian-hickson-responds-over-html5-getting-time-element-back-111552

Judy: the length of CR is not prescribed anywhere
... it is instead based on whether you met your exit criteria
... in some cases it's possible to have a sort of zero-time CR, if the group has done its preperation

<richardschwerdtfe> got to drop

Paul: I assume the TF is not meeting on US Thanksgiving?

janina: yeah

lwatson: I can scribe next week

Stevef: as I can't make it to the HTML WG meeting, I wanted to bring up the status on the <time> element, what's being done to get that back into HTML5?

<paulc> The Chairs are aware of the fact that the revert was not done by the Editor on the schedule we requested.

<paulc> We are also aware that the Editor has gone public with his personal views: http://www.netmagazine.com/news/ian-hickson-responds-over-html5-getting-time-element-back-111552

<paulc> We are discussing this with the Team via email and have nothing to report right now.

Stevef: OK, thanks

[End of minutes]