08 Nov 2011

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<scribe> Scribe: Andi_Snow-Weaver

<scribe> ScribeNick: Andi


CS: was discussion at TPAC about generated content but no closure
... PF raised to CSS for the first time at TPAC
... may have to defer beyond LC

AS: we can do an editor's note that something is exposed and might be removed
... but we can't include an editor's note that we are going to add something

CS: I can create proposed text for this and we can put in an editor's note that it's at risk

assign ACTION-846 to Cynthia

bug 13258

AS: revised language to be more normative, need team to review and we may have to discuss

assign 13258 to Cynthia for review, then she'll assign to David

bug 14320

CS: this is related to the aria-activedescendant issue that we have already reached a compromise on

DB: on auto-complete widgets, focus stays in the text field but you hear focus change events as you look through the list

CS: two kinds of combo boxes - one that's editable and one that's read only

DB: these are tricky to capture in the accessibility API

CS: thinking of Win 32 combo boxes
... auto-complete is a pretty classic combo box
... but the list is dynamically generated

DB: looks like what you're saying is right per the examples in the ARIA spec
... think role combobox is not enough - have to do the other things (from the spec example)

CS: but it's not a menu

DB: think what he is saying is that DOM focus stays in the edit box

CS: think that's right and think that's the difference between a combo box and a menu

assign bug 14320 to David



DB: have had situations where asked people to use live regions in place
... think it's best to wait for James

David to attend Monday's call to discuss with James

Andi to confirm that James will be attending

bug 14563

DB: ATK role is ATK_ROLE_PANEL, putting it in the bug

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