W3C HCLSIG - general meeting

03 Nov 2011

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scribenick bobP

<Lena> sorry, it was me

<Lena> trying to find the mute button :)

<ratnesh> Ratnesh from DERI,

<ratnesh> Joined with Lena

<Anita> Are we starting?

Michel: Agenda to talk a couple of use cases
... enhanced product label

Charlie: Figuring out concrete idea of how much NCI will participate or contribute data
... main person Andy Butler, now have a good idea of what we get from project
... he has been waiting for more detailed report; what NCI can do, then I will get back to this group
... NCI involvemnet would help shape the HCLS effort
... he wants actual boots on the ground. That's what NCI will want.
... Another use case in wings from HL7
... needs to be more well formed on someone's side
... want to know if HCLS will phyically participate in HL7
... use case can not go forward w/o real presence in HL7
... ericP thinks it's not a hurdle.
... HL7 use case. 15 years in a top-down strategy for interoperability
... been a couple of very high profile UK/Netherlands etc msg-ing strategy
... run into difficutly w top-down approach.
... natiional programs are saying that this isn't working
... so Resources for Health Care new bottom-up approach, serialized
... but governance is the issue, like v2 w/o interoperability
... but now semweb techs that can be used, unlike v2 15 years ago
... can bottom-up XML be moved to RDF?
... core group is not going to do the governance, but needs to exist, but still looking to how this will work.
... need people to get involved thru HL7. Will not happen from the outside.
... ericP and I talked in July. Maybe get hcls involved in hl7
... couple of people in HL7 are deeply into semweb. No resistance, just no expertise

Anita: asking how to help

<Lena> (bob, this was Lena, not Anita :) )

Charlie: There is a formal project how to understand, this Resources thing
... need some number of HCLS people to formally join the group, make an assessment of how semweb will work in this
... if governance came by way of semweb then they are open to it

<ratnesh> Just to let the group know that i am finishing (hopefully Jan 2012) my PhD : "An Ontological Framework for Interoperability of Health Level Seven (HL7) Applications"

Charlie: to join you say "I'm going to join HL7". Expected to contribute etc.

<ratnesh> yes

Charlie: participating in HL7 free. Costs money to vote.

Ratnesh(?): (talking interoperability)

<Anita> I am sorry I can't hear anything from this phone line can someone scribe pse?

Charlie: stress that this is an operational, non-theoretical group of people.
... group(?) is grounded, lead by a java guy.

bobP can't hear nothin

<Anita> Way too much background noise to hear anything

<Lena> i think it was us

<Lena> muted

<Lena> ratnesh will follow up with Charlie

<Anita> a.dewaard@elsevier.com

Charlie and Anita will contact each other

<ratnesh> HL7 pointers: http://axel.deri.ie/publications/saha-etal-2011SALUS.pdf

michel echoing

<Lena> cannot hear michel either

Michel: "Can you hear me now?"

<michel> http://www.pitt.edu/~rdb20/data/presentation-of-the-PI-mashup-use-case-11032011.pdf

<ratnesh> HL7 and other vocabs pointers: http://axel.deri.ie/publications/zimm-etal-2009.pdf

<boycer> http://www.pitt.edu/~rdb20/data/presentation-of-the-PI-mashup-use-case-11032011.pdf

<Lena> yes

Rich Boyce: Assist Prof. U. Pitt

scribe: This use case is an idea that I proposed to SciDisc, well received

<Anita> Google Doc for the use case: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QpW-axtGL7Tuhd_Zcaf30a4-s4S_lveIJtpKL5QBLfQ/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1

scribe: slides show the motivation and so forth
... showing three examples of drug interactions inhibiting clearance thru cytochrome p450(?)
... also more examples of age-related clearance
... clinicians rely pretty heavily on the package inserts

Vijay(?): Who is the end audience for package insert demo?

Rich: Pharma has a requirement based on FDA, particularly for branded drugs
... mash-up, behind the scenes is marked-up info that is of interest to other people
... slide 8...
... structured project labelling is an HL7 standard; then RDF and sparql
... slide 8 matched whole phrases in text, but then continued with further mash-up

Q: under wraps? A it's all open.

Charlie: Slides are posted on the wiki. They are open.

(that was Rich answering!)

<Anita> Can someone please retype the question?

Rich: Our demo does not get down to the exact claim inside the article

<Anita> I can't hear anything that phone says

<Lena> zakim kicked me out

<Lena> one second

(nobody understands the Q)

<ericP> s/you're/your/

Rich: Have I considered using drug DB also?

<Lena> sorry

<Lena> i was saying that drugbank and kegg would be the main sources

Anita: Can participate here

Rich: Agree, have the initial draft of use case

<Lena> a lot of that data is posted to kegg at the same time as it goes into the publication

Anita: We are interesting in speeding up process of getting this into the DBs
... side effects and adverse effects

<Lena> linkedCT may also have some data about it

Rich: Lena says that kegg and drugBank are the most useful

<Lena> and, of course, the gene expression databases can be used to determine whether a drug causes any change in the expression of an enzyme

Rich: Kegg has done a great job in the last few years

<Anita> Also link to epidemiology and patient reports on side effects/drug-drug interactions

Rich: one thing to say we found this in pharma study; another to say that there's real increased risk

<Anita> Connect to Clinical Decision Support

Rich: these types of info do not make it into the package inserts

Anita: There is a lot of work being done, re NLP

Rich: Q how to operationalize use case?

<Anita> Lot of work being done in BioNLP on claim detection

Rich: have small knowledge base, would take a lot of effort going forward

ericP(?): Pharma, what sort of resources do you need?

<Anita> You're not asking this of people already on the UC, right? We are really gung-ho and ready to move forward...

scribe: someone is working on LODD. My guess is to have assigned tasks to individuals(?)
... these are organizational comments

Rich: Thanks!

Vijay: Use case, would like to see more drill down to benefits for target groups

<Anita> Vijay: would like to see more about what you need exactly from the Pharma partner and benefit that each of the target groups would get from this

<Anita> (sorry Bob)

Vijay: what is value-add for pharma?

Rich: Communicating this is important.

<Anita> Sorry I can't hear you again Michel (?)

<boycer> breaking up...

Michel (breaking up from Chile)

<ericP> michel, you're clipping. upload congestion?

<Anita> We hear about 1 in 3 syllables, not enough :-(

<michel> we'll schedule a meeting in 2 weeks time

<michel> to discuss other potential use cases

<michel> please prepare for then

<boycer> thank you!

<michel> thanks!

Summary of Action Items

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