02 Nov 2011

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<FabGandon> Fabien Gandon, INRIA, in particular part of the Datalift project http://datalift.org/index.html to develop an open-source platform and guidelines to publish and interlink datasets on the Web of data

Please post your introductions since we've just started recording.

<timbl> Tim Berners-Lee, W3C and UK Transparency Board.

<olivier> Olivier Thereaux, BBC, working on a lot of "open"s (source,standards,data,innovation); interest in making case for open data outside of gov't context

<Bert> Bert Bos, W3C, usually working on CSS and MathML

<MarkC> SAP Technology Strategy and Standards, working on Semantic Technology Strategy/Platform/Implementation

<holstege_lt> Mary Holstege, MarkLogic, work on XQuery and XSD WGs; interested as citizen; interested in technologies on behalf of customers.

<timbl> Anne Bassetti, Boeing

Overview of Open Data in the UK

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: a lot of the solutions they have found cross over to other locations/government.

UK agencies are in under "strict orders" to make non-personally identifiable data openly available.

"stick it on the web in whatever form you have"

Serious formatting and quality work with the various data formats.

Getting into new areas in terms of vocabularies and re-use of vocabularies.

<olyerickson1> s/now/not/

People challenges: what do people want?

Start with the formatting challenges.

For your data to be usable, having an eye on what people want is important

Alex Milowsk: hear my pain

"It is a real problem even for people who spend a lot of time dealing with this data."

That's attributed to member:olyerickson1

tbl: If there was list of things to be tackled, with ESRI be first on the list?
... would one possibility be ... a mapping to "RDF" etc.

<olyerickson1> See also "ESRI Shapefile Technical Description" <http://bit.ly/tcgPgh>

Lots of discussion of data.gov and ESRI files ...

crawford: There were lots of discussions of manipulating data at data.gov but there was fear of manipulations at data.gov that would somehow change the data.
... The cost of "doing that" was prohibitive on the [ companies, agencies ?]

steve: Is there a way to take those conversions and put them on data.dov ...

"data.gov.uk will link to other versions of the same data."

erickson: they publish it in the "one star form" and then we do the rest.

"most government data is unstructured and this is an [open area of research]"

erickson: how do you find the one star data? ...project description:

open catalog descriptions: how do you describe your data

"This is not about our thing... it is about the power of a simple vocabulary."

"If the adopt DCAT and use RDFa, they could publish their catalog."

<RalphS> Hadley: having followed a journey through on-line documentation to locate the documentation for some dataset, it would be nice to capture that in a structured way for reuse

"...it is also a linguistic problem, ... " what are the terms use to describe the government agencies.

scribe: that hold the different data.

FYI: DCAT = http://www.w3.org/egov/wiki/Data_Catalog_Vocabulary

How do you orchestrate the user to be able to use government data & search catalogs?

It is possible to use terminology that is more commonly used by the "outside" and translate that to what is used on the "inside."

<olyerickson1> HadleyBeeman: "linguistic" problem of terminology/jargon impedance mismatch between experts, end users

tbl: it is a linking problem ...
... when you are converting that, ... what is the class of thing... you say that that table is a class of hospital ... turn the graph around...

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