MPTF call

20 Oct 2011

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Clarke, Kaz, Franck, Dave_Mays, Francois, Iraj_Sodagar, Eric, Bob, Duncan, Steven, Aizu, Narm


<Eric> Eric Winkelman @ cablelabs

<scribe> scribe: kaz

<scribe> scribenick: kaz_

clarke: finalize gap discussion

<Clarke> requirements: http://www.w3.org/2011/webtv/wiki/MPTF/MPTF_Requirements#Other

<Clarke> I just realized I'm not on the phone. I'll call in again.

clarke: (reviews requirements)
... R1: LC bugs 13357, 13359 and CableLabs TV Services Mapping
... any discussion?

fd: are you thinking deliverable for the Web and TV?
... what is already on the wiki is enough?

clarke: common name services

bob: MPTF wiki motivates creating reference
... mapping for existing specifications
... would like to see if W3C would support that kind of mapping
... e.g., 1 for MPEG TS

fd: guess my question is where to bring this

bob: Web and TV, esp. this MPTF can identify this kind of use cases
... cable operators would like W3C to create specification for them
... wherever within W3C is fine

clarke: would see which requirements need clarification

<francois> kaz: do we want to bring this mapping to the HTML WG joint meeting?

clarke: yes

fd: that's what I wanted to hear :)


<francois> kaz: Mark Vickers will moderate a session on Web and TV during plenary session. Would be useful to mention MPTF results there.

clarke: R2. Key Metadata Types
... everything is already covered
... so would suggest we delete this

no response

clarke: will delete R2
... R3. Midstream Modification of Track Elements
... HTML5 LC bug 13358 and Jan's bug
... any discussion?


clarke: R4. agreed to drop
... R5. also dropped
... R6. dropped
... R7 and R10 are equiverent
... adaptive bit rate parameters
... two related HTML5 LC bugs 13333 and 13625
... params to media element was rejected
... but we should reconsider it
... 13625 add attribute
... WG should address these

kaz: do we want to merge them?

clarke: could do that

bob: think we should keep them separate
... maybe solve them similarly, though
... we think that same mechanism now but after more detailed work it might be different

clarke: make sense

kaz: ok

<francois> [I would emphasize that the group wants #13333 to be reconsidered in the Requirements doc]

clarke: good idea
... R8 and R11
... might be able to use existing mechanism
... but adaptive bit rate might be some sort of bandwidth
... error code, etc.
... any feedback should be related for specific adaptive bit rate?
... so R8/R11 should remain
... make sense?
... R9. dropped
... one final question is R12
... bug 13357
... related to audio tracks
... doesn't seem to be specific to in-band tracks

bob: would suggest associated with R1

clarke: we probably don't need R12
... so would suggest ignore R12
... anyone disagree?

(no response)

clarke: will remove R12
... four identified gaps
... is that reasonable to moving forward with them?

(no objections)

clarke: will generate high-level slides for the HTML WG meeting
... anything related to the requirements?


TPAC discussion

clarke: we'll meet with HTML WG Thursday afternoon

kaz: are you joining the agenda building session of HTML WG?

clarke: yes
... DeviceAPIs joint meeting will be Friday morning
... next week will be the last week before TPAC
... final review of the slides

kaz: some more joint meetings are planned during TPAC 2011

<Clarke> Thanks, Kaz

kaz: you should express your intention on the registration site
... please see the message I sent to the group member list

[ adjourned ]

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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