03 Oct 2011


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Cherie_E., Alastair_C, Tim_B, Greg_P
Jutta Treviranus


1. Publication plans (Jutta) and checkin on last call comments (due Sept 15)

JT: We really need to move forward towards Rec
... We need to establish a cutoff date to receive and deal with comments
... All comments need to be in by EOD on Friday
... Oct 7th

AL: Who is missing

JS: Adobe, IBM, PF group

SN: Can't meet that deadline

JS: We can't keep waiting...could you prioritize items that might be controversial?

JT: Any items beyond what MS has identified

SN: There has simply been a lot of changes, so I don't know

<scribe> scribe: Jan

SN: Reality is that when this comes out as LC, that's when the heavy scrutiny will happen and there is no way around it

JT: How do we comm to WAIPF?

JS: I will send him an email

got kicked off

2. TPAC (please register soon!)

SN: Won't be there inperson...can attend by phone

AL: Won't be there inperson
... Can't confirm yet by phone

JT: Better times or places?

AL: open-ended?

JT: A fixed dedicated time to work on the draft....
... eg in conjunction with another event
... eg mEnabling Summit in Washington

AL: Best to stick to what you have or send out a survey

JT: Would be great to have you at least there by phone

3. Proposals responding to comments



A.2.1.2 "Alternatives for Rendered Time-Based Media", rewording of "(a) Option to Render"

Resolution: All agree on http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35520/20110930/results#xq5

In "A.3.1.2 No Keyboard Traps", replacing "known" by "documented".


SN: As a level A requirement the proposal is too prescriptive. Should just ensure the correct result is achieved without indicating how it is accomplished.

JT: Just changing one word

JR: Will look more at keyboard trap wording

SN: Just that user can't be trapped (breaking up a bit)....
... If there is a special mechanism then it is covered by documenting requiremetn
... don't really see need for special nature of the direction

In "A.4.1.2 Setting Changes Reversible", simplifying the wording and removing the save option.


If a change to an authoring tool setting is not reversible, then the authoring tool requires author confirmation to proceed.

A.4.1.2 Settings change confirmation: If a change to an authoring tool setting is not reversible, then the authoring tool requires author confirmation to proceed.

Resolution: All agree with " A.4.1.2 Settings change confirmation: If a change to an authoring tool setting is not reversible, then the authoring tool requires author confirmation to proceed. "

In applicability note: B.3 "Applicability after the end of an authoring session" replacing "has specified" with "causes"


Resolution: All ok with http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35520/20110930/results#xq9

<scribe> New rationale for B.4.2


Resolution: All ok with http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35520/20110930/results#xq10

In the definition of authoring tool, replacing "software" with "application"


Resolution: All ok with http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35520/20110930/results#xq11

Modified definition of "prompt":


Resolution: All ok with http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35520/20110930/results#xq12

Here is the SC: A.3.6.5 Assistance with Preferences: If the authoring tool includes display and/or control settings, then the authoring tool includes a mechanism to help authors configure these settings. (Level AAA)

AL: If this is nothing why here?

JS: I think its useful

AL: At what point does it fail?
... Would be very weird not have any help at all

JR: Let's just hold it over

JT: Maybe we should review the original intent to see if it has been lost

JR: maybe explore conflict management at AAA?

JT: That's just one of the parts
... better to pull back to our original intent of making things easier for authors
... Maybe we will circle back

Meeting time change?

SN: What do people think about 3pm ET?

AL: OK with me

JR: OK with me

JS: Would love to move it

JT: Let's test 230-330 and 300-400

Summary of Action Items

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