This is a preliminary schedule for the Linked Enterprise Data Patterns Workshop".

Tuesday, December 6
8:00amIntroduction: intro, topics, schedule (get people to think about break-outs during presentaitons)
  Theme: potential/requirements/APIs
10:00am (slides) Standardized usage patterns for Linked Data
Steve Speicher, Martin Nally and Arnaud Le Hors (IBM)
10:30am (slides) Graphity – A Generic Linked Data Platform
Martynas Jusevicius, Julius Seporaitis and Aleksandras Smirnovas (Graphity)
11:00am Lessons and requirements learned from a decade of deployed Semantic Web applications
Benjamin Heitmann, Richard Cyganiak, Conor Hayes and Stefan Decker (Digital Enterprise Research Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway)
Bradley Allen (Elsevier Labs)
11:45am Pain Points and Patterns in Linked Enterprise Data
Christopher Matheus, Ivan Bedini, Aidan Boran, Peter Patel-Schneider and Alan Jeffrey (Alcatel-Lucent - Bell Labs)
12:00pm Lunch
  Theme: name resolution/resource replication
1:00pm Managing a graph store/Temporary RDF graphs
Dominik Tomaszuk (University of Bialystok, Institute of Computer Science)
1:30pm (slides) Coping with Un-Cool URIs in the Web of Linked Data
John Arwe (IBM)
2:00pm (slides) Diverted URI Pattern
David Wood and James Leigh (3 Round Stones)
2:30pm (slides) Identity Crisis in Linked Data
Ora Lassila (Nokia), Ryan Mcdonough (Nokia) and Susan Malaika (IBM)
  Theme: bridging data formats
3:30pm (slides) Achieving Linked Enterprise Data with RESTful Services and Link Relations
Cornelia Davis (EMC)
3:45pm Extending the Linked Data API with RDFa
Steve Battle (Gloze Ltd), James Leigh (3 Round Stones) and David Wood (3 Round Stones)
4:00pm Federated Linked Library Data
Matthew Phillips (Harvard University)
4:30pm 1st pass at break-out schedule (i.e., prioritizations so far)
5:00pm Adjourn
Wednesday, December 7
  Theme: dbs, ACLs, $$$
8:00am (slides) SPARQL Access Policies
Eric Prud'Hommeaux (W3C) and Helena Deus ()
8:30am (not presented) Linked Sensitive Data
Steve Harris and Mischa Tuffield (Garlik Ltd)
9:00am (slides) Data Segmenting in Anzo
Lee Feigenbaum (Anzo)
9:30am (slides) Validation of Distributed Enterprise Data is Necessary, and RIF Can Help
David Schaengold (Revelytix)
10:30am Breakouts
12:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Breakout summaries
3:30pm Plenary
5:00pm Adjourn