Government Linked Data Working Group Teleconference

29 Sep 2011


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Bernadette Hyland
Sarven Capadisli


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<trackbot> Meeting: Government Linked Data Working Group Teleconference

<trackbot> Date: 29 September 2011

<bhyland> davidwood is me

<scribe> Chair: bhyland

<scribe> Scribe: Sarven Capadisli

<scribe> ScribeNick: csarven

<gatemezi> hi all...

<olyerickson> +1 to stating our names...

bhyland: Welcome everybody

<rreck> inflamatory aside, i wonder how to elicit truthful comments

bhyland: Please identify yourselves before speaking
... Let's doublecheck http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/Scribes and add yourself at some point
... We have the infrastructure ready to go
... Please add more to the agenda if we've let something out

<MikePendleton> aacc is me

<sandro> MikePendleton, you do need to start with "Zakim, " :-)

<GeraldSteeman> 757.864.aaaa is me

PROPOSAL: Accept minutes of last meeting ( http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/Meetings:Telecon2011.09.22 )

<olyerickson> @csarven note that human name formats don't work; always use nicks

<olyerickson> +1 to accept minutes


<MikePendleton> +1 to accept minutes

<gatemezi> +1 to accept minutes

<JohnGoodwin> +1 but only just read them...was there last week

RESOLUTION: Minutes of last meeting accepted


<sandro> DanGilman: I was there last week, but not shown in minutes....

Subtopic: Community Directory Summary

bhyland: Good start for F2F in August

<olyerickson> @scarven minutes should be "accepted as amended" (re: DanGilman added to attendees)

bhyland: Cleaned up the requirements

<bhyland> http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/Community_Directory_Requirements

bhyland: Moved some of the content to a new page for a new set of requirements for a community directory. All are encouraged to update.
... If you need a login to http://directory.3roundstones.net let me know.

<rreck> email you and sandro to request editorial capability?

<sandro> just bhyland

bhyland: Add/modify company name or add project info. Let's get this going w/ better information.
... It would be nice 52 entries because we have that many members in this WG

sandro: Can anyone add info about any other company/project?

bhyland: I prefer to add own information, but stubs are welcome

sandro: Let's identify stubs and then work forward from there. Sort of like a good TODO

<GeraldSteeman> +1 on stub idea

<MikePendleton> what user name/password should we be using to edit entries in the Community Directory?

bhyland: We can use a CNAME for http://directory.3roundstones.net to make it look like a W3, that'd be fine.
... There are some useful/neat features for the community directory data. Minor reflection of the reality.
... e.g., who provides ontology development

JohnGoodwin: Did you mean we need to provide credentials for the login? Which role do I use to add info?

<bhyland> That is John Erickson (olyerickson) speaking from RPI

olyerickson: It'd be great to let 3rd parties to update the community data

<JohnGoodwin> csarven - was that aimed at the other John?

bhyland: Agreed. Wiki way of updating would be better. Lowering the barrier.
... Please update the requirements as you see fit. AND I will threaten you in the future! (guaranteed)
...: p

<olyerickson> +1 to adding LOL's about GLD community members ;)

bhyland: Let's make sure to document all the exciting cases out there. And get the word out for the work we are doing.

Subtopic: Best Practices

<bhyland> http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/Best_Practices_Discussion_Summary

olyerickson: I can talk about my questions regarding Provenance
... Trying to understand (or group consensus) where Provenance info should go.

<rreck> when i use provenance, it is ultimately help me determine how well i know something

olyerickson: Technical aspect of vocabularies.. this might be easy for us because W3C Provenance WG has done good work that we can work with
... Any comments?

<bhyland> Per olyerickson's email 27-Sept-2011:

<bhyland> Because our mission is to provide "best practices" guidance, I would

<bhyland> argue there are both vocabulary "policy" components

<bhyland> * Vocabulary, for obvious reasons: the options available for binding

<bhyland> provenance data to GLD

<bhyland> * Policy (for lack of a better term) that guides stakeholders in

<bhyland> making decisions about what provenance is, its implications, how to

<bhyland> generate it

<JohnGoodwin> http://open-biomed.sourceforge.net/opmv/ns.html

JohnGoodwin: I've not done any work on this, but I know some people from data.gov.uk

olyerickson: Where do we talk about this exactly?

JohnGoodwin: We know what's done, but where do we talk about the stuff that we are trying to create for Provenance in GLD WG.

<JohnGoodwin> wrong John ;)

olyerickson: Part of our discussion should be guided from high level stand point and the ..

bhyland: People will look at both the actual standard as well as what the GLD WG recommends.

<rreck> you should and here's how sounds like a great approach

<olyerickson> +1 to "You shoulds" in "Best Practices," "here's how" in "Std Vocabs"

bhyland: GLD WG would merely point at existing docs/groups elsewhere

<olyerickson> "pragmantic provenance" in "Best Practices"

olyerickson: Sounds good

bhyland: Do we have anyone from the vocab group that would like to touch on that?

<rreck> i missed it too

<gatemezi> I suggest to have a telecon with all the vocab group to plan the work

<rreck> +1 vocab telecon

<rreck> i didnt receive the email either, but would be interested

DanGilman: Sent an email to the list, but it may have not made it

<rreck> lurker

<annew> Anne just tried to join on zakim ekiga sip

<annew> I am muted

<annew> Hey watch it!

Input for "Progress of GLD WG" for Keynote at the Open Government Data Camp 2011 ( http://ogdcamp.org/ )

<rreck> annew: im chatting you in the other window

<bhyland> Workshop at Open Government Data Camp, see http://www.w3.org/blog/SW/

bhyland: This is our WG Keynote, hence, you are invited to give your input/insights/feelings about the WG's progress. Lot's of people there.

JohnGoodwin: I can send some slides

<bhyland> JohnGoodwin: Have something called UK Location Programme, within that a LD working group including Ordnance Survey & others.

<olyerickson> @bhyland RPI can provide slide material on LOGD, IOGDS ("Int'l Catalog") and/or Instance Hub if you wish

JohnGoodwin: UK Location Programme, roughly speaking group of gov bodies for location agenda.. and within that we have agencies e.g., environment (publishes water quality.. linked to ordanenace survey)

<olyerickson> doh!

<bhyland> RE: SemTech London - per JohnGoodwin most of the good talks were from government, including Bart van Leeuwen/Amsterdam Fire Dept, Jenny and John Sheridan on National Archives ...

<olyerickson> RE #SemTechBiz, LDodd's preso on data quality (vs billions of triples) was good/useful

<annew> rreck: just loaded this sip voip software. unfamiliar with it. and don't' see a private chat

<gatemezi> @olyerickson: can we have a pointer of that preso?

<olyerickson> Yep looking...just a sec...

<gatemezi> TIA

bhyland: Let's document what's going on out there. Email me or use the wiki.

<olyerickson> Leigh Dodds preso: http://www.slideshare.net/ldodds/the-rdf-report-card-beyond-the-triple-count

<olyerickson> that's @ldodds (talis) "beyond the triple count"

bhyland: Anyone else attended London SemTechBiz?

<bhyland> olyerickson: Leigh's point is that it isn't about a high triple count, it is about making data useful to consumers, whomever they may be.

olyerickson: We should pay attention to what Kassabi folks are saying because it is about making data more consumable as opposed to having a pile of random data

<gatemezi> I think that data that can not derive "knowledge" is useless...

sandro: Public is public


sandro: Who knows about schema.org?

<olyerickson> +10 to hearing about it

sandro: schema.org is an effort between GYM.
... yahoo called it SearchMonkey, Google uses RichSnippets.. so, now there is schema.org, which is a common vocab for a much larger domain.
... Not necessarily talking about how it will be used but how people should make their data available.
... Sooooort of close to W3C's standards.
... Tried to get all towards the same goal

<olyerickson> FYI, "GYM" is Google-Bing (aka Google/Yahoo!/Microsoft)

sandro: SemWeb people were afraid of the big search engines would take over.. even though this was just a discussion.
... It touches on Gov vocabs, but just on people.. not sufficient. Will have to look more closely.

bhyland: sandro, can you talk about Facebook?

sandro: Facebook didn't show up.
... They are doing their Open Graph Protocol, and not coordinating with the schema.org as far as we know

<olyerickson> This group may be interested in http://schema.rdfs.org/ , a "...complementary effort by people from the Linked Data community to support Schema.org deployment and usage with a special focus on Linked Data..."

<olyerickson> +1 to Schema.org being a vote for simple/easy-to-adopt structured data

<olyerickson> +1 to OGP (facebook) *also* being about simple/easy-to-adopt structured data...

<annew> +1 great project to get involved in Sandro

bhyland: Please do your homework i.e., community directory (details entered). We'll make it easier to update.

<olyerickson> Re Datacube, yes

??: Did we discuss DataCube in the past?

<olyerickson> We had a DataCube preso a few weeks ago

<bhyland> The Data Cube was discussed & presented at the F2F in June.

<olyerickson> They are in the minutes

<bhyland> Let's plan to have another discussion at the Jan 2012 F2F.

bhyland: Important to bump our activity on the vocabs
... Participation is key here

<gatemezi> @bhyland: as editor, you can plan a telecon

<olyerickson> +1 to adjourning...


<rreck> bubye

<bhyland> @csarven - do you see the http://www.w3.org/2011/gld/wiki/Meetings:Telecon2011.09.29#Scribe.27s_End_of_Meeting_Checklist

Summary of Action Items

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