HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

01 Sep 2011

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LeonieWatson, MikeSmith


<trackbot> Date: 01 September 2011

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<MikeSmith> I am going to be delayed calling in

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Sub team update (media)

JF: We're think we have an outline of the framework for accessibility now.
... We filed a number of bugs, some are ebing processed by the editor now.

MS: Anyone know why media requirements popped up on Twitter today?

JF: The media requirements wiki page we created has been taken up by PF and will be translated into a note.
... PF decided it needed to have more substance than a wiki page.

MS: There has been some movement on WebVTT
... The indication is that Webkit will be implementing VTT support.

<JF> Media Accessibility User Requirements - http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/media-a11y-reqs/ (Editor's Draft)

MS: We need to understand whether we're going to go ahead with the WG. It's likely the TF will be asked for concensus.
... Next week we should ask the TF for thoughts on the creation of a WG to look at this.

JF: Supporting it within W3C seems to make sense.

RS: John, are those large content producers the most likely to be affected by the FCC rules that have come out?

JF: Yes
... Hopefully the browser vendors are watching that. In many ways the ball is in their court.

MS: There is a lot we can do to help. We can't compell browser vendors though.
... We have a spec for TTML, but it's not a spec for implementation in a browser.
... At the very least we'd need an implementation spec. Until then it will be difficult to lobby browser vendors.

RS: Would the people who work on TTML work on that?

MS: It wasn't developed with the intention of it being implemented in rbrowsers. Writing an implementation spec may be out of their comfort zone.

JF: Browsers are moving into a position of being media players. It's encumbent on them to be clear on the requirements of a media player.

MS: Until someone writes the spec, it's unlikely to happen in any case.

RS: Has anyone looked into doing a TTML to Web VTT convert?
... Has MS said they'll support TTML?

JF: No, MS support is conjecture on my part.
... MS has a tool that will gnerate TTML markup.
... Is their a robust enterprise level tool? I'm not aware of anything.

RS: TTMl generation is probably happening in the cloud. Maybe that's the way to deal with it?

JF: I was worried we'd have a repeat of the codec issue in HTML5. Speaking with Ken Harrington at Google, I'm reassured that this is a problem that really isn't. Whatever format is used, it will be converted internall.

RS: This would be a good thing for the W3C to do. To outline a strategy for addressing the requirements of the FCC ruling.

MS: If we wanted to do this, we'd need to bring it to the attention of the W3C TAG.

RS: IBM is not a big content producer, but personally I feel the FCC ruling going to have a bit impact for many.

MS: We need to think about what concrete action we'd need to take. Is this something PF should discuss?
... I'll talk to Michael and Judy as well. Suspect many people across the organisation are unaware of this situation. People who have most information are likely to be in PF.

JF: Without discounting the knowledge inside PF, I suggest this transcends accessibility. It also has importance for internationalisation for example.
... The Web on TV meets in September. I'll be there as an observer. I'll listen out for any interest there as well.
... Suggest this as much an HTML5 issue as a PF issue.

MS: The HTML5 spec is agnostic to the format at this point. There is mention of Web VTT, but it's not normative.

Sub team update (Canvas)

RS: We've been waiting for a few weeks for Ian to respond. There are accessibility bugs we're trying to correct, which is making the process difficult.

<richardschwerdtfe> http://www.w3.org/html/wg/wiki/ChangeProposals/FocusRingTextBaseline

RS: We're working on a change proposal that addresses the chair's questions.
... Any changes made to the Canvas spec Mike?

MS: No, it's a static document at this point.

RS: Tab Atkin agrees we need the text baseline change proposal.
... Charles Pritchard is going to create a Webkit patch so the canvas subtree is exposed.
... We're trying to push the implementation at the same time.
... We're hoping our SxSW presentation on canvas will be accepted.

<Zakim> MikeSmith, you wanted to say that there's an option to ask the chairs to raise the priority on any particular bug.. dunno if the priority on this bug has been raised yet or not

MS: We can raise the priority on the focus ring?
... If we want to move things forward, we can go to the chairs and ask them to prioritise this.

Rs: I need to focus on the hit testing now. I don't want to delay things any further.
... If I send it to Maciej to review, that should do the trick?

Sub team update (Text)

JF: We haven't met this week, and may not meet next week due to national holidays in UK/US respectively.
... The big three issues, longdesc, metagenerator and figcaption are bing worked on.

Sub team update (Bug triage)

<richardschwerdtfe> I am going to drop off

<richardschwerdtfe> yw

<MikeSmith> scribe: MikeSmith

LeonieWatson: reviewing the a11y-tagged bugs
... making progress, though slower than I'd like, but we are getting familiar with our work process
... meeting again next Tuesday

<LeonieWatson> Trrsagent, make minutes


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