29 Aug 2011


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Jeanne, Jan, Jutta, Cherie, +1.703.678.aaaa, Greg, +1.561.582.aabb, Sueann, Tim_Boland
Alex, L.
Jutta Treviranus


1. Check-in on implementation gathering for this document:

Greg: Will have something for the next call

<scribe> Scribe: Jan1

Cherie: working on review of ATAG2.0

Jan: Nothing on Atutor yet

Sueann: Started to look at Connections but not completed

JT: Iannotate might also...

<jeanne> Drupal has set up a page of their own assessment of ATAG 2.0 <-- http://groups.drupal.org/node/164389

JR: Great please send me contact info

JS: I had a connection at Wordpress...
... A few months back...will try and find
... At DC Unconference...they were looking at latest version of ATAG

JT: One other contact is with Desire2Learn

2. Check-in on Last Call comments

3. Update on WCAG-WG's advice not to use "Accessible Content"

Cherie: Gives example of a4.2.2...
... Ballpark of perhaps 10 major SC-changing issues from us

JT: Availability for multi-hour meetings between Sept 15 and Oct 3...

JR: Yes

JS: Yes

Cherie: Yes

TB: Yes

GP: Yes

JS: Looking it up...
... Mon (oct 31), Tues (nov 1) is the F2F

<jeanne> TPAC is 31 Oct and 1 Nov

<jeanne> http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35125/TPAC2011/

JT: Next week is not a call due to labour day
... So the next call is Sept 12

Summary of Action Items

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