Research and Development Working Group Teleconference

25 Aug 2011

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Simon, Giorgio, Markel, Shadi, Vivienne, Peter
Yeliz, Joshue


Welcome (Regrets, Agenda Requests, Comments).

Discussion and Editing of the Call Ready for Release - http://www.w3.org/WAI/RD/wiki/Draft_version_of_the_call_for_papers

SH: Giorgio and Markel will introduce draft call and talk about next steps
... want to make sure we all agree on it on this call
... so that we can announce maybe end next week

MV: changed requirement from 2 pages to 1000 words
... modified accessibility conformance versus accessibility in use
... section about attribution as discussed last week
... dates still depend on when the webinar will take place

GB: thank you for writing it Markel, only had initial input
... also need to consider how much time people have for writing the white paper
... need to allow some time to disseminate the call, and for people to think about what they want to contribute

MV: agree

GB: what kind of constraints do we have for dates?

SH: not a particular constraint but want to do ~4 seminars per year so need one on a quartely basis
... 1000 words is not even two pages so quite ok
... can be a bit more liberal for this first seminar but should not go beyond 1st december week

<vivienne> There are a couple of 'typos' in paragraphs 3&4. I'm not sure about the time - maybe too short?

<Zakim> shadi, you wanted to agree with giorgio and to talk about editorial changes

<markel> if the weminar can take place in the beginning of Sep we can postpone the submission deadline to mid Oct

<thiessenp> +1 a little more time (CSUN deadline conflict, and 1-month short time)

SAZ: agree that need to be more linient, also competing with CSUN call for papers

<markel> I'm happy with that too, Si

SAZ: but certainly not have beyond early december
... also think the draft call needs quite some work

<thiessenp> +1 more structure (good for skimming :)

SAZ: can draft a suggested change

SH: concerned that this is going on but happy to see suggested change

GB: also have number of suggested changes
... why don't we go over some of the most important issues?

MV: very different call for papers from the last one
... trying to give a more typical conference call for papers
... happy to discuss now

VC: happy with all of it but just see some typograhpical issues

SH: can you make the changes directly to the wiki?

SAZ: concerned about setting the expectation of "defining and benchmarking" metrics
... also about the references to W3C Note which may promote people to write W3C Notes that are not from W3C
... also suggest more headings and less repetiveness

GB: agree we will not be defining metrics but it is an important venue to propose metrics
... concerned about "white paper" which may be daunting
... maybe also describe coined terms "conformance accessibility" and "accessibility in use"
... also add request for people to describe how they validated the quality of their framework

SH: will provide template

MV: we are not knowledgeable of wording about W3C Notes etc, so shadi please edit directly
... decided to use "white paper" rather than "position paper" to avoid less scientific positions

<giorgio> shall we call them 'research abstracts'?

<markel> yes

<markel> +1

SH: maybe also "extended research abstracts"

<thiessenp> +1 research abstracts - unambiguous for industry and practitioners about what's expected

<vivienne> I have just made the couple of typographical corrections I saw that were required.

SAZ: please add content issues to the wiki straight away
... will try to be much more editorial rather than content

<giorgio> I agree with simon

GB: will work on the changes today

<markel> we should release the CFP next week at the latest

<markel> are we sure we want a call for review?

<giorgio> I agree; we should get it out sooner.

<vivienne> I think the sooner we get it out, the better. Everyone on the list has already been asked to contribute.

<thiessenp> agreed: will give wiki a close read this week for edits / comments

SH: will send a note out the group after the changes early next week

<giorgio> I agree with simon, to close it next week.

SH: will take a decision on next week's call

SAZ: will try to prepare related announcement in parallel

<markel> Ok with that

<thiessenp> sounds good

<giorgio> ok with me

<vivienne> I'm okay with that

<sharper> +1 from me

<giorgio> ok, cheers

<vivienne> okay thanks

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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