Forms Working Group Teleconference

10 Aug 2011

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Leigh_Klotz, John_Boyer, +1.443.837.aaaa, ebruchez


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Leigh: Is Ubiquity something that you should mark as in development?

John: You can download it and run it yourself but there's not an easy way.

Kurt: What is the status?

John: We are waiting for some fixes to be incorporated.

Leigh: I like the XSLTForms approach using XSLT to shift from XML to HTML and then using WebAPIs. It solves a lot of namespace and HTML parsing problems.

Kurt: I'd like to see some thought about XForms and HTML5; what about dropping namespaces?

Leigh: Keeping our namespace makes it clear what we're doing and easy to implement. Ian's not interested in taking any more of our ideas than he already has. My focus is on getting value out of HTML5 via Web APIs, XHR, and hopefully XBL at some point. We just need to compile into HTML5+JS.
... Also John did a lot of work on an attribute version of XForms.

Kurt: It may get a lot of attraction.

John: We did have someone working on implementing it.
... It's not a gargantuan effort. Mostly it requires a modularized approach to having an attribute library.

* Topic Shadow DOM

Leigh: We can't make the browser vendors adopt XBL or make a shadow DOM so we have to live on the Web APIs adn JavaScript to make XBL or something like it. Except I guess Erik has a client/server version. Maybe there's a way to internalize that?

Kurt: I've talked to Michael Kay about this idea.

Leigh: Anything that helps XQuery in the browser helps us; we're just another way of doing the same thing.

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