21 Jun 2011


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Thierry, Maire_Carmen, Pierre-Antoine, Joakim


<tmichel> agend

<tmichel> this is MAWG

<scribe> scribe: pchampin

Next meeting

<tmichel> F2F in Sophia Antipolis 2011/06/28

tmichel: very few people have registered
... around five

action items

close ACTION-420

<trackbot> ACTION-420 Propose the next step for the response to the HTML WG closed

<mcsuarez> hi all, I'm also on the phone.

joakim: action 420 has been done

ACTION-423 is about explaining about the API and the HTML WG not being interested in it

about ACTION-424: the schema.org people are discussing with several WGs

tmichel: we can discuss that during the F2F

joakim: this is already in the agenda

Ontology CR version: Request for Transition (update from Thierry)

ontology going to CR

tmichel: the document is frozen, I'm waiting for the management to give me a slot for discussing the document

Metadata Format files

tmichel: checked the files last week; a lot of them are RDF invalid or even XML invalid
... those are highlighted in red in the test suite

<tmichel> http://www.w3.org/2008/WebVideo/Annotations/drafts/ontology10/testsuite.html

tmichel: we are only missing 3 files now
... I did go through some of the RDF files; it seems to me that some files are missing properties
... for some formats, not all mapped properties are present in the RDF example file

<tmichel> topic:Revision of the API document.

tmichel: Florian has done some updates and asked for feedback; only Werner and timeless
... most requests are about typos

Summary of Action Items

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