20 Jun 2011


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Jeanne, Jan, Alastair, Cherie, Greg, Jutta, Alex, [IPcaller]
Sueann_N., Tim_B.
Jutta Treviranus



Jeanne: I like the schedule but its aggressive

Alex: Unlikely everyone will agree to all the responses.
... Not fully sure that some of the other MS commenters will agree

Jeanne: Other ideas?

2. (Quick Mention) HTML5 Last Call Spec Review

Jeanne's message http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-au/2011AprJun/0086.html

Jeanne: 35 sections of HTML5 that need review
... The wiki (editable by PF members)
... Needs to be in by July 15
... So PF can write up the bugs by Aug 3 (and they will track bugs etc)

JT: Whats relevant to ATEG?
... Whats relevant to ATAG?

Alastair: Alt tags and other things

Jeanne: Medai, canvas, forms

JT: Group or indiv responses?

Jeanne: Indiv preferred

3. The survey for proposals arising from the comment review:


A.3.1.3 PROPOSAL: Adjust defined term to "sequential keyboard access"

Resolution: All accept A.3.1.3 PROPOSAL: Adjust defined term to "sequential keyboard access"

A.3.5.1 PROPOSAL: To split the search requirement

Success Criterion A.3.5.1 Text Search (Minimum): Editing-views enable text search, such that all of the following are true: (Level AA)

(a) All Editable Text: Any text content that is editable by the editing-view is searchable (including alternative content); and

(b) Match: Matching results can be made visible to the author and given focus; and

(c) No Match: Authors are informed when no matching results are found; and

(d) Two-way: The search can be made forwards or backwards; and

(e) Case Sensitive: The search can be in both case sensitive and case insensitive modes.

Resolution: Keep AA version, but drop AAA version of http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35520/20110616/results#xq7

A.3.1.3 ACTION: JR to update answer to IBM24 to better address mobile

Resolution: all accept A.3.1.3 ACTION: JR to update answer to IBM24 to better address mobile

PROPOSAL: A.3.6.1 Independence of Display


Resolution: All accept PROPOSAL: A.3.6.1 Independence of Display

PROPOSAL: A.3.6.2 Save Settings

Resolution: All accept PROPOSAL: A.3.6.2 Save Settings

PROPOSAL: A.3.6.3 Apply Platform Settings

Resolution: All accept A.3.6.3 Apply Platform Settings

PROPOSAL: A.3.6.4 Multiple Sets

Resolution: All accept PROPOSAL: A.3.6.4 Multiple Sets

PROPOSAL: A.3.6.5 Assistance with Preferences

Resolution: All accept PROPOSAL: A.3.6.5 Assistance with Preferences

PROPOSAL: A.4.2.2 Document Author-Level Features

JT: We should define author-level

Resolution: All accept A.4.2.2 Document Author-Level Features

PROPOSAL: A.3.2.1 Auto-Save

Resolution: All accept: PROPOSAL: A.3.2.1 Auto-Save

PROPOSAL: A.3.2.4 Auto-Save (Extended)

A.3.2.4 Auto-Save (Extended): The authoring tool can be set to automatically save all web content edits made using the authoring tool. (Level AAA)

calling back


Network problems....5pm...

lets call it a day

Summary of Action Items

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