WebID Incubator Group Teleconference

03 Jun 2011

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<bblfish> trackbot, start meeting

<mike> *wages*

<trackbot> Date: 03 June 2011

<mike> waves even!

<bblfish> hi

<danbri__> bblfish: we're using [pgp-style] web of trust by reference

<danbri__> ....using x509 for the public key

<danbri__> ...the information is in these links between your homepages, so that your server decides to trust who it likes

<danbri__> ...you might create a group with edit permissions

<danbri__> q about domain names

<danbri__> bblfish: we can do it without domain names

<danbri__> bblfish needs to turn off bblfishes beep filter for bblfishes name

<bblfish> link for the videos: http://bblfish.net/blog/2011/05/25/


<gaedke> Video from Markus Sabello ist here http://ostatus.org/2010/10/26/ostatus-interview-markus-sabadello

bblfish: ietf emphasise what goes on the wire

(i thought he meant http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robustness_principle but not sure now)

bblfish: if you can get the info you need from the profile doc, that's great; we're being format agnostic so far
... compatibility concerns -> why it's important to have test suites
... where all implementors collab
... without a test suite it's really hard to figure out what is happening, going wrong, 'cos SSL is all encrypted

so this helps with better responses for user when things fail

scribe: also helps us understand which tools are doing what
... eg. this one understands/doesn't understand rdfa; this one logs me in even though no foaf file, etc
... could come to conclusions eg. to use webfinger, we can get a measure of which systems can work with it
... measures and stats give us understanding and help people know what to implement

myprofiletshirtguy: one advantage here is that there is no need to create APIs

<Deiu> having too many protocols to represent WebID data could pose problems on the long run; there can be cases where endpoints will not be able to understand a certain protocol

<elf-pavlik> point on usability of email style formated identifiers over URI since people already relate name@domain to people

<elf-pavlik> evan praises webfinger ;)

<Deiu> we could, if we get bblfish 's attention

<elf-pavlik> danbri presents sketch on dimentions with ID system, Profile Content... (can someone take a photo?)

<elf-pavlik> discussion on 3rd parties which can take role of 'vouching' for someones identity

<elf-pavlik> screening video of webid on cryptostick from: http://bblfish.net/blog/2011/05/25/

is Andrei Sambra in the room? sorry for the names/faces fail...

<Deiu> I am

<Deiu> the myprofiletshirt guy

<bblfish> hi

<Galaxor> Hello.

<bblfish> http://bblfish.net/blog/2011/05/25/

<Deiu> * Resuming the WebID XG meeting

<Deiu> it is important that we pick only formats which are capable of representing certificates

<Deiu> (ref. drawing)

<bblfish> preferred are the rdf sepcifies formats in particular rdf/xml, and rdfa

<bblfish> Cert/rsa ontology would be preferred ontolgy

<mike> format == Doc Syntax (ref. drawing)

<bblfish> http/https/ftp? are prefferred URI schemes

<mike> Cert/rsa ontology == Profile Content (ref. drawing)

<bblfish> Make it clear in the spec that the RelyingParty decides on the authorization strength required to access a resource: ie: an http:// URI may not be strong enough a webid for some services

<domel> http://www.w3.org/ns/auth/cert

<Deiu> http://www.daml.org/ontologies/235

<Deiu> EARL ontology ^

<bblfish> http://www.w3.org/TR/EARL10-Schema/

<bergi> http://www.axolotlfarm.org/~bergi/projects/rme/files/20110306_3d_webid.jpg

<Deiu> ^ drawing we previously referred to

<Deiu> julia, we're in the next room (further down the hall)

<mike> "Conference room 1"

<bblfish> we are discussing ISSEU-9

<bblfish> http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/webid/track/issues/9

<julia> sorry, have to work :(

<mike> The SubjectAltName MUST contain at least one WebID URI.

<mike> It MAY contain more than one URI, but if it does each URI SHOULD point to the Same Document Content (i.e. mirror).

<mike> If the URIs do not point to the same document the server SHOULD resolve all URIs and construct a single graph.

<mike> If the Server does not resolve all different URIs then any resulting authorisation decision will be undefined.

<mike> I think this is what I meant!

<mike> humph, Mirrors might not work

<bblfish> trackbot, end meeting

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