25 Apr 2011


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Alessandro, +1.571.765.aaaa, Jutta, Greg, Jeanne, Sarah, Sueann, Tim_Boland
Jutta Treviranus


1. Any feedback on group action to review the proposed comment responses for: Level AA Success Criteria for Part A (from comment: MS39 to IBM37)

<scribe> scribe: Jan


JT: Any comments?

SN: Hoping to get caught up by next week's call

All: Generally people not able to look at them this week.

JT: We will reassign the Level AA Success Criteria for Part A (from comment: MS39 to IBM37) in addition to this week's

Level AA Success Criteria for Part B (from comment: JR: does not properly mirror B.1.2.1 to MS59)

2. Implementations planning:

AM: Implementing in my CMS...
... Just to Level A at first
... Hope to have something for start of June
... I can release something on line

JR: I can review if you give me a URI

JT: Expect something by this June?

AM: Yes, but I am busy
... Could be stable by end of June

JT: Others?
... We have a few at the IDRC....
... Good exercise for us

JS: I have a list from confrence discussions but not with me

JT: We need to bring up to date
... Our inplementation report

JR: Need to update it to the current draft

JT: Anything more on F2F

JS: I think we are ok.


All of Level AA Success Criteria for Part A and B (from comment: MS39 to MS59)

JT: Other agenda item?

JR: Date for public draft publishing?

JS: Coming soon.
... Working on letter to our push list of implementers.

JT: Great
... We will adjourn (4:22pm ET)

Summary of Action Items

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