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22 Apr 2011

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Andi_Snow_Weaver, jeanne, Judy, Debby, Jamal, John
Cynthia, Peter


<judy> scribe: Jeanne

licensing language, "how to enter" rules, draft announcement

Judy fills Andi in on highlights of last week's meeting on licensing.

JB: There were 1 or 2 FCC challenges that had legal terms that Jamal thought we could copy. Debby, you were going to take that set and see if there was legal language that CIO Council used that we could reuse.

Debby: Our legal language is also dense. I think when Federal lawyers are involved, you get a lot of rules.

JB: The Open Source stipulation doesn't necessarily match our goals. We could use the ones we want, and attach a note explaining we wanted to use have public be able to reuse the templates and widgets.
... if a template is for a proprietary CMS, requiring open source would be a barrier.

Debby: Frank (??) really wants it to be open source, but requiring open source may be a barrier.

JB: We may want the open source status to be a field that people can search on in the gallery, as that may be an attraction.
... And Debby and Jamal, when you follow up with your internal, you may want to say that we do not want to require open source, but will be transparent in the license type.

Jamal: I am worried that this may tie up the process, as certain language is already approved. It is an unknown, so I think we should try it.

Debby: I don't think the attorneys are pushing open source. I think that is just the way that Frank wanted to set up. I haven't presented this to him, I have been waiting for it to be more final. I think that frank and Craig will think that is fine.

JB: Even though CIO may be a host, I think that FCC should be administrative/primary host.

Andi: Anything we submit will be our open source dojo work.

specifics on longer term gallery, confirming searchable categories/indexable info, pre-planning for persistence & deadwood

JB: I want to think up specific questions that will help the long-term gallery take shape. IF you think of the eventual gallery and how would you want to search for different types of widgets and templates.
... license status would be one, platform, tool, ??

<judy> judy: what do we want to search for: open source? additional license detail? type of component? platform? associated application?

JB: type of component, application associated

Andi: WIdget name

<judy> recency

JB: Recent - date added to gallery

Andi: Subscribe to it

jeanne: Narrow it down and browse thumbnails of it.

JB: What would be a welcoming flag for the "nervous novice"?

jeanne: Thinking of the Staples big red button: Easy

DEbby: It is very helpful for people who are starting out - show them videos on people using assistive technology.

John: As long as the videos are captioned.

<judy> Jeanne: need a flag called "experience required" and specifying level

Debby: We need to address the needs of people who don't know about accessibility.

Judy: We need a intro section where we point people to resources - some of them could be WAI resources, because we have a number of them for introduction.

<judy> [tell us the experience level, and write an ____ explanation of how it is used]

Judy: the more complex applications could have a link "explanation available" that would come from the application that could give more instructions on using it.
... beginner, intermediate and advanced.

John: The more we put out in "easy English" and videos, the less maintenance of explainign that we will have to do.

<judy> [explanatory text should include whether there's a video]

Jamal: Yahoo has an accessibility lab where they have videos of people using Assistive Technology.
... I see no harm in asking people who submit widgets to submit an optional video showing how to use it.

<judy> [include video mentions in several places, including as suggestion for submitters]

Pre-planning for persistence and deadwood.

JB: Timing and availability - asking for a 3 year minimum. Maybe a pick list 3, 5, eternity, to provide persistence

John: Ask for a copy so we can put it back up if it disappears.
... Reminding people once a year by email to ask if it is still up-to-date.

JB: Maybe persistent contact information

<judy> [maybe we need "persistent contact info" not just persistent link]

John: I'll start making the other versions of the templates if I don't hear from anyone.

Next meeting: Jamal, jeanne, John, all good for next week.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]