05 Apr 2011

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jsderber, wbailer, stegmai, mcsuarez, pchampin
Thierry, Jean-Pierre, felix, daniel, tobias, chris
pchampin, Pierre-Antoine


<pchampin> scribe: pchampin

<jsderber> chair: joakim

<jsderber> Thierry, Jean-Pierre, Florian

<jsderber> Thierry, Jean-Pierre, Florian

approval of the last minutes

<jsderber> scribe: Pierre-Antoine

next meeting

jsderber: propose that we have our next meeting on the 19th of April
... (in two weeks)

<jsderber> http://www.w3.org/2011/03/22-mediaann-minutes.html

pchampin: +1

<jsderber> http://www.w3.org/2008/WebVideo/Annotations/track/actions/open

jsderber: minutes approved

open action items

close action-369

<trackbot> ACTION-369 In 2nd LC, send spec to Ilkka. One UC: creation-date, creator technical properties, location closed

close action-404

<trackbot> ACTION-404 Propose a draft for a "global URI recommedation" and send it to Florian closed

action-405: the document is not yet available apparently, so obviously Thierry has not sent it yet

<trackbot> ACTION-405 Send the WebIDL document link (going for recommendation) to Florian when available notes added

metadata format

jsderber: some example files have been posted already

jsderver: has any one seen examples files for media rss and txfeed?
... there are non on the wiki.

revision of the API document

werner: sent a question on the list about which attributes should be required/optional
... This may be addressed in the ontology document as well.

Section 5.1.2 of the ontology document (descriptive properties - core set) defines some attributes to be required, and others to be optional

scribe: (question mark in the type definition)
... those constraints should be consistent between the ontology doc and the API doc

jsderber: what if a required attribute is not present in the underlying format?

werner: most of them are optional anyway
... however I have a problem with Location where *everything* is optional

action wbailer to send a proposal for changes in the type definitions of the core properties

<trackbot> Created ACTION-407 - Send a proposal for changes in the type definitions of the core properties [on Werner Bailer - due 2011-04-12].

jsderber: also, I noticed an error in the mapping table of CableLabs
... there is a confusion between rating and targetAudience
... The description of ratin should be made clearer, in order to prevent future confusion.
... Using the word 'popularity' in the description would probably help.

action jsderber to write a better description for property 'rating'

<trackbot> Created ACTION-408 - Write a better description for property 'rating' [on Joakim Söderberg - due 2011-04-12].

werner: so when we fix the ontology document (re required/optional attributes), we can just refer to the ontology document from the API document
... only some attributes of the generic MediaAnnotation interface have no direct mapping (e.g. language, mappingType)
... for them, the API document will specify whether they are optional or required

back to the metadata example files

jsderber: I will contact people at Apple
... they can provide us with example metadata
... I will put mcsuarez in the loop

presents: jsderber, wbailer, stegmai, mcsuarez, pchampin

Summary of Action Items

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