SOAP-JMS Binding Working Group Teleconference

22 Feb 2011

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<trackbot> Date: 22 February 2011

Appointment of the scribe

<scribe> scribe: mark

Approval of prior meeting minutes


No objections to approving the minutes

Review the agenda

Agenda approved as-is

Administrative items

RESOLUTION: We will skip next week's call

Action Items

146 - still waiting for Oracle

243 - no news from TIBCO, but unlikely to make further progress

close action-243

<trackbot> ACTION-243 Tofind out what TIBCOare doing with Websphere (re: compatibility testing and latest versions) closed

244 - See public list archives for details - CXF support JMS addresses in the WSDL, but not the extension properties

Eric will do more investigation

Phil: No prgress on 223

Moving to PR (via CR? & LC)

Mark: If CXF don't support WSDL properties, would we consider making the properties part of WSDL optional?

Amy: The WSDL section is optional, but we could consider breaking it into two pieces (WSDL core which would be URI support) and WSDL extensions (the properties)

mgk: Base WSDL support would be the URI plus the SOAP transport

Amy: Yes, the heirarchical property support could become an extension

Phil: An implementation must support the URI - the fact that URI may exist in the port of a WSDL document doesn't mean the implementation supports WSDL

Amy: True - that's the way the specification is currently written (i.e. to support WSDL an implementation must support everything in the WSDL section)
... But if implementors are not supporting the properties, then should we force them to support it? - perhaps it hasn't proved to be useful.
... Propose we change the specification to make it clear that there is a core WSDL, and additional (optional) heirarchical properties. This allows implementors to claim support for WSDL without forcing them to implement something they may not find useful.

Phil: Giving implementors a choice to a) Not support WSDL; b) Support only the transport property and URI; c) Support everything - URIs and heirarchical properties

Eric: There are 4 normative assertions about WSDL - WSDL-Usage-3003 and WSDL-Usage-3004 would be core WSDL, and WSDL-Usage-3001and WSDL-Usage-3002 would be extensions
... We could make the core WSDL a normative part of the base specification, and leave the properties as a WSDL extension.

Amy: +1 for moving the core WSDL to normative status

Eric: If we make heirarchical WSDL property support optional then it may be possible that we would only require one implementation to progress the specification
... Would not be in favour of making it non-normative

action eric to check with Yves if we could allow only on implementation of the optional WSDL part

<trackbot> Created ACTION-245 - Check with Yves if we could allow only on implementation of the optional WSDL part [on Eric Johnsone - due 2011-03-01].

Specification Issues

Just issue 27 open - (the URI scheme is in the publication queue - should be published by the end of March)

this should allow us to resolve issue 27

URI scheme

Mark: Amanda Baber has sent a note to authors asking for confirmation about changes



Reminder: - next meeting is March 8th

Summary of Action Items

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