gallery of accessible templates and widgets

18 Feb 2011

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Judy, Jeanne, Peter, Jan, Debbie, John


John: I will be at SXSW and CSUN and will mention the gallery in my talk

Peter: I will be at CSUN but it will not fit in my talk.

Debbie: I will be at CSUN.

check draft landing page; this is a page to point to from challenge.gov, for more updateable & inf-depth info)

<Judy> http://www.w3.org/WAI/AU/challenge-gallery/wiki/Grab_and_Go_Gallery

Judy: here is the wiki page
... I will ask Jeanne or Jan to put it into Authoring Tool space for a more permanent link.

<Judy> Original site, no ARIA components: http://aegis.iti.gr/CMSdemo/original/

<Judy> With a couple of JQuery components - "before" and "after" accessibility support added

<Judy> http://aegis.iti.gr/CMSdemo/JQuery/before

<Judy> http://aegis.iti.gr/CMSdemo/JQuery/after

<Judy> With one of the Fluid components - "before" and "after" accessibility added

<Judy> http://aegis.iti.gr/CMSdemo/Fluid/before

<Judy> http://aegis.iti.gr/CMSdemo/Fluid/after

<Judy> With one of the MooTools components - "before" and "after" accessibility added

<Judy> http://aegis.iti.gr/CMSdemo/MooTools/before

<Judy> http://aegis.iti.gr/CMSdemo/MooTools/after

Peter: there are a bunch of wordpress examples and we want to throw down the gauntlet and say, here are widgets that are not accessible.
... there are two ways of doing it - here is a new section with sample applications
... wordpress has it own widgets - a stock widget with a wrapper to make it work in the wordpress environment.

Judy: That is totally consistent with the results of the gallery challenge. We want the templates to be specific to certain tools.

Peter: that fits in the first section of sample widgets and templates.
... the other is a before and after - a blog with and without the widgets so that people can see the value of it. And it counters that "you can't have an attractive accessible website".

Judy: Is there a premade link that we can use to start it out. I will do a mini-collection that is annotated and figure out how to weave it into a few sections.
... It will be helpful to give people a picture of what it would look like in context, but also to give people an idea what an individual submission would look like.

JOhn: are there any other things you want done in Wordpress? I have two people who are committers in Wordpress that are coming to visit. Does anyone have a list of things they want?

<Judy> ACTION: judy will check the dec meeting where we discussed peter's word press demo, and see if need a more a specific [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2011/02/18-gallery-minutes.html#action01]

Jan, we should look at any ATAG SCs that we don't have implementations yet to see if that would fit with JOhn's wordpress project]


John: Wordpress versions 3-4 times a year. 3.1 is supposed to come out in a couple days.

Judy: Make sure we also have an example of a simple template so that people who aren't using an interactive website still have an example of web page without barriers.

Peter: We want a page with an accessible navigation bar.

John: It has to be lightly annotated, so the instructions aren't heavy.

Judy: it could also be a delivery mechanism for more complex widgets.

Peter: You could set up a sample page of setup of documentation and help using panel and accordian widgets.

John: I have examples of simple pages that include some simple widgets.

Judy: I think we need that to attract the range of audience that we need. Not only interactive widgets, but also examples for people who are looking for simpler needs.
... Jan sent information in December on the self-test, we had specific edit requests that changed the flow and steps. Jeanne will work on that with assistance from Judy.
... Jamal thought he had heard White House offer to host the challenge/repository. I think it will continue to be an SS/FCC/W3C. I think it was an offer to promote it, not to host it, but I will confirm with Scott.
... Please look for opportunties to blog about the gallery.
... Challenge.gov has a blog option that we can turn on. If you want to blog about it on your own site, that would be great too.

Debbie: I will try to get something.

John: will do something

Peter: will have to check policy on blogging on another site.

next meeting

Next meeting 25th.

Jeanne on vacation next Friday.

Following meeting is 4 March.

[everyone available]

Jan: back to the example of Word - because it has "save as HTML" it is valuable to include as long as it is clearly labelled.

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: judy will check the dec meeting where we discussed peter's word press demo, and see if need a more a specific [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2011/02/18-gallery-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]