Web Performance Working Group


First Draft for Navigation Error Logging

Navigation Error Logging defines an interface to store and retrieve error data related to the previous navigations of a document. As usual, we're interested in your feedback.

Web Performance mini-workshop during TPAC 2013

We will have a 2 hours mini-workshop during TPAC 2013. If you happen to attend TPAC 2013, please come and join the Web Performance Working Group from 5pm to 7pm on November 14. No need to register in advance (as long as you registered for TPAC), just bring your ideas and suggestions.

Timing control for script-based animations is Candidate Recommendation

We published the Candidate Recommendation version of Timing control for script-based animations (aka requestAnimationFrame). Next step is finalizing the tests and ship it.

Performance Timeline and User Timing are Proposed Recommendations

We published Proposed Recommendation documents for Performance Timeline and User Timing.

Face-to-face agenda for TPAC 2013

See our agenda for the upcoming face-to-face meeting.

New Drafts for your feedback

Resource Priorities and Beacon are new specifications and we're interested in your feedback. Resource priorities allows you to tweak the download priority of your resources, while Beacon enables synchronously transfer data from the user agent to a web server, under the responsibility of the user agent.

Page Visibility (Second Edition) is a Recommendation

Page Visibility (Second Edition) is now a W3C Recommendation. It defines a means for site developers to programmatically determine the current visibility state of the page in order to develop power and CPU efficient web applications.