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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Work with Doug on a voice conference time of day that works for most people Arthur Barstow 2010-12-15
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Update the landscape doc so that Ilkka's spec is replaced with Cathy's spec of Jan 10 Arthur Barstow 2011-01-18
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Ask the mail list for specific proposals re custom low-level to high-level event mapping Doug Schepers 2011-01-18 Admin
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Write initial draft for high-level intentional events spec Doug Schepers 2011-02-15 Admin
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Define the behavior for preventDefault Matt Brubeck 2011-02-15 ISSUE-4
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Set up a conf call with Matt and Sangwhan re issue tracking and editing Doug Schepers 2011-02-15
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Add meta key for the TouchPoint interface Sangwhan Moon 2011-02-15
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Send to the list some examples of WGs' documenting UCs and Reqs Arthur Barstow 2011-02-15
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Define how to publish with testcases including infrastructural decisions on gathering feedback Doug Schepers 2011-02-15
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Work with Doug and Laszlo re if we can re-use Webkit tests Arthur Barstow 2011-02-15
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Update touch events spec for next week Matt Brubeck 2011-02-22 toucharea
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Brubeck to raise issues on Tracker for previous mailing list discussions. Matt Brubeck 2011-02-22 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Create a test for ISSUE-4 Doug Schepers 2011-02-22 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Extract nuggets from 15-Feb-2011 #webevents log re Matt+Doug discussion re Mercurial Arthur Barstow 2011-02-22
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Touch Events: Add a Conformance section and a Normative reference to WebIDL spec Doug Schepers 2011-02-25 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Follow up with the canonical guys re copyrights Doug Schepers 2011-03-01 Admin
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Investigate various angle-related work e.g. InkML, CSS, SVG, ... Olli Pettay 2011-03-01 toucharea
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Do some investigation for Issue-2 Sangwhan Moon 2011-03-01 ISSUE-2
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Address Issue-7 Matt Brubeck 2011-03-01 ISSUE-7
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Issue-7 to open Arthur Barstow 2011-03-01 ISSUE-7
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Talk to Canonical about joining the WG; possibly as an Invited Expert Doug Schepers 2011-03-29 Admin
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Follow-up on Issue-5 Olli Pettay 2011-03-29 ISSUE-5
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Follow-up on Issue-3 Doug Schepers 2011-03-29 ISSUE-3
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Follow-up on Issue-6 on the email; enumerate some of the questions and sub-issues Doug Schepers 2011-03-29 targets-in-frames
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Move Issue-6 to Open state Arthur Barstow 2011-03-29 targets-in-frames
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Move issue-7 to closed Arthur Barstow 2011-04-05
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Talk to Laszlo about the interface names in the Touch API spec vis-à-vis what WebKit is used Laszlo Gombos 2011-04-05 interface-names
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Create an Issue for the Interface names Arthur Barstow 2011-04-05 interface-names
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Move issue-8 to Open state Arthur Barstow 2011-04-05 ISSUE-8
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Move Issue-9 to the open state Arthur Barstow 2011-04-05 mouse-event-interaction
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Write explanatory text re rot angle Matt Brubeck 2011-04-19 toucharea
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Close Issue-1 after Matt completes Action-31 Arthur Barstow 2011-04-19 toucharea
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Add some non-normative examples about Alt Keys Matt Brubeck 2011-04-19 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Submit implementation feedback re Issue-8 Olli Pettay 2011-04-19 ISSUE-8
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Bind action-34 to Issue-8 Arthur Barstow 2011-04-19
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Provide some initializer examples to help Matt with Issue-8 Doug Schepers 2011-04-19 ISSUE-8
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Submit a proposal to the list to address Issue-10 Matt Brubeck 2011-04-19 relatedTarget
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Bind issue-10 with action-37 Arthur Barstow 2011-04-19 relatedTarget
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Commit proposal to issue-13 to Hg and add some non-normative text re sample rates being impl-specific Matt Brubeck 2011-04-19 ISSUE-13
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Talk to Cameron about how to use inherited with TouchEvent interface Doug Schepers 2011-04-19
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Close Issue-12 after Matt address Action-33 Arthur Barstow 2011-04-19 ISSUE-12
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Close issue-13 after Matt addresses action-39 Arthur Barstow 2011-04-19 ISSUE-13
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Create a link to the UCs and Reqs from the Testing doc Arthur Barstow 2011-05-03
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Create an input for the Introduction section by April 29 Sangwhan Moon 2011-05-03
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Submit an opinion on Writing Testable Conformance Reqs for the Touch Events spec Doug Schepers 2011-05-03 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Laszlo to follow-up re Object Identity implementation in WebKit Laszlo Gombos 2011-05-17 identity
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Submit a proposal for re scrolling and the preventDefault research thread Matt Brubeck 2011-05-17
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Propose text to address Issue-6 (routing to the child iframe) Matt Brubeck 2011-05-17 targets-in-frames
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Move issue-8 to the closed state Arthur Barstow 2011-05-17 ISSUE-8
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Make a proposal to address Issue-17 Matt Brubeck 2011-05-17 ISSUE-17
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Make a proposal for Issue-3 based on current implementations Olli Pettay 2011-06-14 ISSUE-3
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Integrate Olli's proposal for Issue-3 (action-51) Matt Brubeck 2011-06-21 ISSUE-3
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Create a proposal to address issue-16 Doug Schepers 2011-06-21 identity
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Move issue-16 to Open Arthur Barstow 2011-06-21 identity
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Do some analysis of Webkit's implementations re Issue-19 Laszlo Gombos 2011-07-26 ISSUE-19
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Update the Touch Event spec to use markup to facilitate test case extraction Doug Schepers 2011-10-31 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Submit an input to address Issue-18 Sangwhan Moon 2011-06-28 ISSUE-18
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Close Issue-17 with poiner to 19-July-2011 minutes Arthur Barstow 2011-07-26 ISSUE-17
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Follow-up this Khronos Stream Input work Arthur Barstow 2011-07-26
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Propose spec text to address the resolution of issue-16 Matt Brubeck 2011-08-16 identity
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Test Sangwhan's list examples against implementations Matt Brubeck 2011-08-16 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Work with Doug on whether the WG should take on JoyStick API Arthur Barstow 2011-09-06 Admin
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Discuss LC comment processing with the editors Arthur Barstow 2011-09-20 Admin
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Create an issue for the touchcancel question raised on Sept 7 2011 Cathy Chan 2011-09-20 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Create an Issue for Q1 of the Sept 7 comments Cathy Chan 2011-09-20 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Create multitouch test cases for the Touch Events spec Dzung Tran 2011-09-20 Test Suite
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Work with Doug on next steps for the Intentional Events spec Arthur Barstow 2011-09-20 Admin
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Work with Doug and PLH to add Joystick API to WebEvents' charter Arthur Barstow 2011-09-20 Admin
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Invite TedM to join us next week Arthur Barstow 2011-09-20 Admin
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Ask TV Raman about Google's interest in adding Mouse Lock to WebEvents charter Doug Schepers 2011-09-20
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Create a proposal to address Issue-22 Cathy Chan 2011-09-27 ISSUE-22
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Produce a test to help us address Issue-21 Matt Brubeck 2011-09-27 ISSUE-21
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Propose text to address Issue-21 Cathy Chan 2011-09-27 ISSUE-21
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Create some multitouch test cases Olli Pettay 2011-09-27 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Work with Doug on formally adding Mouse Lock to WebEvents' charter Arthur Barstow 2011-09-27 Admin
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Create a wiki to track comments for the TE v1 LCWD Arthur Barstow 2011-10-04 Admin
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Reply to Greg Dennis table for each touch event type per agreement on 20-Sep-2011 call Doug Schepers 2011-10-10 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Remove the initTouchEvent method from Touch Events spec Matt Brubeck 2011-10-11 ISSUE-19
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Commit her proposals for Issue-21 and Issue-22 Cathy Chan 2011-10-11 ISSUE-21
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Work with Touch Events v2 editors to add a constructor to v2 spec Doug Schepers 2011-10-11 Touch Events v2 spec
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Respond to PFWG comment #2 (the editorial nits) Sangwhan Moon 2011-10-18 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Respond to PFWG comment #1 Sangwhan Moon 2011-10-18 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Create an input to address the table requested by Greg Dennis Sangwhan Moon 2011-10-18 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Try to help Sangwhan with Action-83 Arthur Barstow 2011-10-18 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Work with Doug and the WG to create a primer/tutorial information for the Touch Events spec Arthur Barstow 2011-10-20 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Respond to ETRI's Expanding Target Input Devices proposal Arthur Barstow 2011-11-08
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Create a Comment Tracking Doc for Touch Events v1 LC#2 Arthur Barstow 2011-11-14 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Start a 10-day CfC to publish CR of Touch Events v1 spec Arthur Barstow 2011-11-29 Admin
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Start a CfC re directory structure for WebEvents tests Arthur Barstow 2011-12-20 Admin
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Create a first iteration of an Assertion Table for the Touch Events v1 spec Cathy Chan 2011-12-20 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Copy Olli's mult-touch.html file to Hg Arthur Barstow 2011-12-20 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Implement the testing directory structure proposed in December Arthur Barstow 2012-01-17 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Get Scott Gonzalez added as an Invited Expert Doug Schepers 2012-02-07
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Merge touch event tests to v1 branch Matt Brubeck 2012-08-14 Test Suite
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Talk to Microsoft about PointerEvents vis-a-vis TouchEvents v2 Doug Schepers 2012-08-14 Admin
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Make a list of remaining work needed to complete the v1 test suite. Matt Brubeck 2012-08-14 Test Suite
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Report on the status of WebDriver work by the Browser Test Tools WG Arthur Barstow 2012-09-18 Test Suite
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Create a new test case for the TEv1 spec Rick Byers 2012-09-18 Test Suite
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Start a CfC to publish TEv2 as a WG Note Arthur Barstow 2012-10-02 Touch Events v2 spec
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Determine the level of interest of an impromptu PointerEvents gathering @ TPAC 2012 Arthur Barstow 2012-10-05 Admin
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Work with Doug and Rick on defining Touch Events mapping in the Web Events WG Arthur Barstow 2012-12-13 Admin
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Investigate pageX/pageY bug on iOS and confirm if a spec issue or not versus a product implementation issue Rick Byers 2013-01-22 Touch Events v1 spec
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Update test suite to reflect agreements on Issue-27 and Issue-28 Cathy Chan 2013-01-22 Test Suite
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Schedule Director's Call for Touch Events v1 Recommendation Doug Schepers 2013-09-11 Admin
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Followup with matt re if tev2 note should be `full spec` or just the `extra pieces` that have been implemented Arthur Barstow 2013-10-22 Touch Events v2 spec
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Ask pewg to revisit the decision to document the pe and te mapping Doug Schepers 2013-10-22 Admin
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Work with doug on where to define the pe/te mapping (cg, pewg, etc.) Arthur Barstow 2013-10-22 Touch Events v2 spec

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