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19 Nov 2010

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Judy, Jamal, Jeanne, Andi, Jan, Elizabeth, Gregg


Update on the meeting with Aneesh Chopra

Judy: the overall outcome was positive. The purpose of the meeting to update Aneesh and Scott... Tom and I updated Aneesh on the history. Tom and others gave an update of the geolocation project, and I gave an update of the Gallery project. Then there was a discussion of next steps. Had been some preparatory discussions with Scott, Tom, Elizabeth for several weeks. Accessibility solutions that are developed should be shared across agencies and to the public. Tom and I had worked up suggested parallel actions for next steps.
... challenge.gov and outreach for gallery
... questions about long term support for upkeep. Scott suggested possibly a health care project model where there is seed money.

Gregg: We think sustaining is funding resources. They think that sustaining is not using government money.
... who makes money by saving this. Judy: If you get it up and people find it valuable, then companies will fund it to keep it going. " So when someone has a widget and it good, we can highlight their company - makes them look good, their company look good and that will result in more money.

JB: Aneesh is considering a meeting of CTOs; possibility of making Authoring Tool and accessisbility a topic at that meeting.

ASW: It's good to highlight, but it would be good to put it in a way that they would get more business from it.

JB: The profit drivers in the two industries are different, and we need to position it just right.

JM: I was impressed at how engaged people were.

JB: I heard him saying to highlight the launch. I think he may have been offering OSTP as the host of the challenge. He had an initial reaction against the Gallery being hosted by a federal agency. He had some interest in W3C as a host.

<Jan> ok

<Jan> Andi: Raises issue of employment of people with disabilities.

<Jan> JM: Accessible work enviornments is connected.

JB: I was thinking of the Reilly egovconference in spring, and they had info on employment of PWD, that would help make sure the potential application of what we would do the repository would be real.

JR: Needs a rough estimate of the time commitment for the evaluation piece.
... we are thinking of a core group that trains people in evaluation. John said we should publish our evaluation protocol on the list, and let others evaluate it in advance.

Gregg: we offer $5 for any topic area that a user can expand. So $5000 for an expansion of 1000 pieces of information.

JB: I was hoping for a cash flow the other way so that we could pay some staff time to keep it maintained.
... Finder's Fee and a sponsor for sustaining the entry
... What about .25 FTE to keep it groomed and healthy.
... In the slide show there are links to demos for AEGIS and for Fluid.

Elizabeth: Great job, I don't see how it could have gone better.

JB: Jamal heard Aneesh say that OSTP could host it.

Elizabeth: I think it was leaning toward the CIOs.

JB: OSTP would be willing help getting the challenge launched.
... talking something on the scale of $10ks of seed money up-front
... this is important to W3C for being a long-term host.

Elizabeth: OSTP in partnership with Kareem - I have a note about that.

JB: Vetting of samples has two branches - skilled evaluators with limited time and unskilled people (like the 2 people from the DC Unconference). John said to post the qualifications on the site and ask people to evaluate before they post.
... What do we need to go live? Instructions. I still have more writing to do before circulating a draft. It needs to be self-manageable. After the discussion on WEd, we have a new area to explore, which is if we were to picture a press release or whatever from OSTB, what do we want to be on it. '

<Judy> [brainstorming: !! email and blog posts for highlighting launch -- potential messaging elements]

JM: Brainstorm - tie it to some event that is coming up in the next couple months. Isn't there an international disability day on December 4 or an Open Hack day in early December. If there was an draft that OSTP could use Gallery as an example of work that was being done

JB: I worry about aiming for that week because my estimate of hours of work to launch that week, doesn't match. I would prefer to launch in mid-December.

<Judy> [jamal -- potential tie it to international day of disability]

<Judy> [eliz -- what a year it's been! all these accomplishments! couch in bigger picture in accessibility]

Elizabeth - we did a big blog post for our launch of our Day of ??. Tie it back to the year of activity, couch it in the terms of the bigger picture of accessibility. Do a blog post that they can post of the OSTP blog

JB: Gov't efficiency, increased employment, potential for authoring tools to jump the progress of accessiblity forward

<Judy> [gov't efficiency, open gov't, employment, auth tool quantum leap...]

JB: we want a well populated gallery by CSUN, and that will be a more important highlight opportunity.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]