Web Performance Working Group #09

10 Nov 2010

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AndersonQuach, TonyG, JamesSimonsen, ArvindJain, Zhiheng, JasonSobel, biesi
JasonWeber, plh


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Follow-up on discussion with respect to same origin: Fully Qualified Domain Name or Private Domain

AndersonQuach: Sigborn preferring Private Domain
... Jonas prefers the FQDN

Zhiheng: Okay with Private Domain, no strong preference.

TonyG: I certainly like Private Domain.

AndersonQuach: We agree to Private Domain, great.

move to agenda 5.

Performance name space under window" taken up

JamesSimonsen: Any precedence with adding objects under window.

TonyG: Yes, HTML5 interfaces. There is a precendence.
... should we make performance object make it replaceable.
... aburden to check if the property can be overridden.

Zhiheng: it's a global space problem.

TonyG: Let's try it, and the first site compat bug we'll remove the attribute.

JasonSobel: Do you have an tool to check for API usage given privacy concern?

JamesSimonsen: have a tool to check API usage on the web

AndersonQuach: I like the idea of measuring the risk.

moving to agenda 2.

moving to agenda 2.

moving to agenda 2

move to agenda 2

2. Test submission process for Navigation Timing.

<biesi> sorry for being late


<Zhiheng> public-html-testsuite@w3.org

AndersonQuach: Recommend three phases: a proposed, submitted and approved.

Zhiheng: can we get best practice info from other working groups?

AndersonQuach: will follow-up with plh.
... Let's follow-up offline with some existing HTML test cases to pattern off of.

Resource Timing and User Timing.

AndersonQuach: two proposals: i. Resource Collector, ii. static getter via the DOM

JasonSobel: Looked over proposals during the week, the proposal Anderson sent out that it was more intuitive to use.
... Nice to have to filter to specific timing for a specific resource.

AndersonQuach: Great I'll follow-up offline with an interface with by id or by url.

TonyG: Question, why a list, or what is reserved_htc and other?

AndersonQuach: List so that in the processing of onbuffer full we do not lose events.

sub-class link and rel?

TonyG: how about link rel=stylesheet,imports,prefetch

NicJansma: Being clear of the origin and mime type we got back.
... initial tag where the download occured, i agree we could sub-class css, font, image. Either specifiic or higher-level.

TonyG: Looks like a good initial list, let's figure out the main interface and continue to add to the existing list.

Summary of Action Items and Follow-ups

1. Moving forward with Private Domain definition of same origin, where hello.bar.com is the same private domain as foo.bar.com

2. Will use the window.performance namespace, pending findings and risk analysis from Tony, James, Anderson and Nic.

3. Zhiheng will follow-up with test suite owners on best practices regarding W3C conformance tests.

4. Anderson will follow-up with PLH regarding test infrastructure for test cases, e.g. http header modifications, web servers and repository.

5. Anderson will provide an updated Resource Timing proposal with an ability to get access to specific resource timing by id and by url.

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Summary of Action Items

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