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29 Oct 2010

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Andi, Chris, Jan, Jeanne, Judy, Peter, Debbie, Jamal, Cynthia


CB: No major bugs, some minor issues that are easy to fix. But it is not in the main line of Jquery until the next release. We don't control the timeline, but it typically has been in March in the past. So it looks good from our end, but we can't reccomend it.
... and there are 5 more widgets planned. Two of them are calendar widgets
... a slider with multiple thumbs. Interesting challenges for keyboard accessibility and how you expose the components with ARIA.
... date picker, panel, grid and select menu
... we have a demo page with a tab panel of widgets within widgets, which raises the interesting problem of keyboard accessibility of widgets within widgets. The EXTJS library that other groups are working on may be working on this. It is not a Jquery issue.

PK: Chris is finding the accessibility of the widgets to be good, but can't recommend them being used in production until they are in the main line of Jquery, but we can look at them as a demonstration.

JB: I want to confirm that anything sent in so far can be made moderately public -- I will be listing them in a public wiki -- so if it is a problem, let me know.

CB: "Available in the next version of Jquery" is the caveat we used.

ASW: IBM is working at multiple paths to make it available.
... it won't be next week, but the following week, I will have a better idea of when we can have something.

JB: Who would be willing to take a look at Andi and Becky's stuff?

JS: will like to look at them. :)

<Andi> Here's the reference guide: http://www.dojotoolkit.org/reference-guide/dijit/index.html

PK: We may have some more pages coming out, but I can't promise until I know what is shareable.
... Do we have a timeline for when this could go live?

JB: We would like to go live in 10-14 days, because there is a meeting in 2 weeks that we want to show them.

PK: The week of 15 November syncs up well.

Debbie: We have just started a Best Practices committee, but we are just starting.

JB: Jamal, can you look around FCC and see if there is anything usable.

JM: I don't think we do. We are putting information together, but we haven't sufficiently tested it yet to make it public.

JB: We want people to contribute widgets across multiple environments, parallel options for accessible ways to do things.

evaluating the content

Cynthia's email about evaluating content.

JS: I will need to do testing, so I can work on a protocol for testing.

<korn> I *am* available Nov. 5th, and I am *not* available the 12th or 19th.

<cblouch> Works for me either date.

<cyns> cynthia is available on 12th but not the 5th

available on the 5th and 12th

<Jan> Jan is available on both Nov 5 and 12.

Debbie is not available on the 5th but am available on the 12

JB: We probably not meet next Friday, but will meet on the 12th.

PK: By when do you need widgets in order to include them in the gallery?

JB: Hypothetical date of the 12th or 15th, I would want to have someone from another group look at them, so I would like 3-4 days to look at them. The 9th or 10th. There may be more flexibility next week.

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