25 Oct 2010


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+3aaaa, Alastair, AndrewR, Jan, Jeanne
Jutta_T., Greg_P.
Jan Richards


<Jan> Scribe: ARonksley

JR: We'll leave the big issue of reordering for now

AC: I can make the call on Friday. UK time is 2-5pm.

<jeanne> I put in a request for the zakim bridge. I asked for the code to be 2894#

<Jan> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-au/2010OctDec/att-0006/atag20-8Jul10LC-comments-rev14.html

IBM10: Understanding Levels of Conformance- Note 4 in the definition of authoring tool indicates ATAG 2.0 is not intended to be applicable to simple text editors. Therefore, "text editors" should be removed from the following bullet: "whether it is possible to satisfy the success criterion for all types of authoring tools that the success criteria would apply to (e.g., text editors, WYSIWYG...
... editors, content management systems, etc.)"

JR: Suggest we drop it

<Jan> Doh!

<Jan> We'll wait.

<Jan> andrew, the Paris # worked for Alastair

<jeanne> It is the correct number, it may be the Paris number is full. :(

<jeanne> perhaps you can three-way with one of the Skype people on?

<jeanne> andrew, we are going to end the call.

<Jan> Reminder of the call on Friday Oct 29 - from 9am-noon ET

<jeanne> too many communication problems and not enough people on the call.

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