HTML-A11Y telecon

29 Sep 2010

Session Start: Wed Sep 29 18:05:50 2010

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Session Ident: #html-a11y

* Topic is 'HTML Accessibility Task Force Teleconference 2010-07-08 at 1500h UTC'

chair: John_Foliot

present: Sean Hayes, Kenny Johar, John Foliot, Judy Brewer, Frank Olivier

regrets: Janina, Silvia, Eric

scribe: Judy

agendum 1. "agenda review, scribe id" taken up [from Judy]

reviewed agenda

brewer scribing

agenda+ action item review


agendum 4. "WCAG Mapping Update -- Sean" taken up [from Judy]

jf: what are next steps on WCAG mapping update

...seems like there may be some gaps

sh: unclear what gaps?

jf: where items don't directly align w/ WCAG A, or AA, or AAA

sh: [missed]

jf: issue of time-stamp endorsement...

...is this ready to circulate beyond the media subteam?

sh: I was supposed to follow up on bugs to add, from last week, that relate to this table

<jf>Checklist link: http://www.w3.org/WAI/PF/HTML/wiki/Media_Accessibility_Checklist#Technical_Requirements_Prioritizations_and_Dependencies

<sean> I was saying that + indicates goes beyond wcag, but is drilling down on the technical details

jf: what happened with the discussion about getting the bugs in place including wrt the time-stamping question

jb: it was taken up with the html wg co-chairs; there was some back-and-forth on that; i would need to look at the bottom of the thread to confirm current status.

...i will check with Janina and/or Sam.

jb: where in doubt, get the bugs filed now. they don't have to be in perfect shape to file get the bugs filed by deadline. they can be refined later.

jf: sean can you file?

sh: probably not, but enough info in my mail so that someone else can.

jf: i'll file them.

jb: thx. pls do. pls also send mail back to media subteam confirming and giving links. thx.

jf: will do.

..if redundant, can remove later.

jb: think that there's understanding about the need to elaborate some of the bugs later.

logging to http://www.w3.org/2010/09/29-html-a11y-irc

all: initial look through of sean's mapping to wcag 2 a, aa, aaa


jb: pls remind me the source of the must/should/may

jf: my informal review

jb: then the wcag 2 mapping should have more authority

jf: but may not be sufficient to address the importance for media

sh: my sense as well is that because we're dealing with increased granularity here, the results may be different

jf: is there some validity with my gut reaction must/should/may assignments?

...sean did my mappings make sense to you?

sh: i didn't focus on that a lot, and a fair amount of it looked on target

jf: frank how did this look?

fo: i'll comment if I see something

kj: i'll review it as well

jf: straw poll yet?

jb: hmmm....

jb: what's the plus?

sh: it means going beyond wcag 2 at least in granularity....

jb: and the "tbd" -- would discussion here benefit?

sh: derived from uaag

jb: thoughts about time-sensitive coordination; could coordinate also w/ jeanne spellman and kelly ford if jim allan is not available

jb: could we be missing bugs on this

jf: good question

sh: wouldn't that be their responsibility?

jb: on this timeframe, need to work with them on this

jf: will getting the placeholder text in place help?

jb: might

jf: if text comes in after oct 1, we should be able to file bugs against new text should be able to come in by then

... to be clear, that is what i'm proposing...

jb: suggests that jf checks w/ janina

jb: on the mapping, let's nail down the follow-ups w/ uawg

jf: i will

jb: what else would accelerate this?

sh: next stage would be putting columns into the table to indicate support for the granular requirements

jb: what about that straw poll that john was suggesting, maybe proceed on that afterall?

jf: yes would help vet the must/should/mays

sh? jf? : and we need the uaag input

jf: can do a straw poll before TF meeting tomorrow

jb: let's keep it moving, great

jb: how get those in place?

jf: two urgent things: straw poll on snapshot of must/should/may, and bug filing by friday

jb: could we plan how to get the formats in place

sh: i could plug in ttml

jb: would be good to have a model

jf: concerned about not biasing with one sample

sh: new pages for each format

jb: wondering if we lose an opportunity to open-mindedly cross-compare

sh: wiki table is hard to work w/; perhaps condensed cross-ref table?

sh: might work

jf: might work

jf: so we create a number of new pages

sh: could create the page, may not get all the detail in

... may leave out the sections where there are gaps

jf: i'll create the cross-ref page

sh: might be difficult to show all the gaps

...focus tables on text format

JF: are there any other concerns that need to be addressed today

action: jb will review threads on getting spec text in

confirming that we're meeting next week, and the following

we may have gaps the week after next

WAI_PFWG(A11Y)6:00PM has ended

[End of minutes]