User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Teleconference

16 Sep 2010

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Gregory_Rosmaita, Greg, kford, sharper
Jan_Richards, Jeanne, Jim



<trackbot> Date: 16 September 2010


previous link is to the WAI-XTECH list, where cross-WAI issues can be discussed without having to cross-post to lists to which one is not subscribed

to request subscription to wai-xtech@w3.org email wai-pf-call@w3.org with subjec line "request to join wai-xtech"


make @title required attribute for FRAME and IFRAME [ACTION-447]

GJR's action item regarding accesskey in HTML WG tracker: make @title required attribute for FRAME and IFRAME [ACTION-447]

To Meet or Not to Meet

KF: not enough people here to discuss agenda -- some at AU f2f -- let's adjourn for today and resume next week

Greg: please email xtech info to ua list

GJR: will do


Summary of Action Items

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