Gallery Tech Challenge

10 Sep 2010

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Debby, Elizabeth, Jamal, Jeanne, John, Judy, Peter


agenda overview

finalizing questions for accessible template/widget developers

Do we need something introductory or summary to say if people need help they can contact someone? Jamal?

We don't want to scare people away, but let's ask for a link to where the widget it being used accessibly

scribe: how does it get updated?

IF we go with the challenge.gov web site, maintenance will be included.

But we don't have a name or contact so people can update the widget.

Challenge.gov will require creating an account and the work can be tracked by that name.

We also have to worry about testing that it is accessible code.

We should give people a heads-up to make sure that it is truly accessible and usable.

How are we going to test accessibility? the test suites for ATAG are not written yet.

How accessible is Challenge.gov? Am accessibility review was done of challenge.gov, and issues were identified and should be implemented.

They are commited to making it 508 compliant.

We should not say we are going to test it, because we don't know if we have the resources to do it, but we also do not want to become the "checking group".

Jamal will add a sentence that will be welcoming and helpful, and a sentence to explain that it will be screened/vetted.

update on hosting discussion

[Elizabeth departs]

I was reading the emails that look like they are announcing the opportunity to "get on board" for the challenge.gov website.

I spoke to Robin Stern in the White House Office of @@ and I relayed some of our concerns about the site being taken down after an election. She thought it was at a level of the GSA that was not likely to be taken down, that new administrations would probably keep it going.

There are a free set of services on challenge.gov and there are custom work. I suspect that it will not be a cost that a federal agency cannot afford.

Beth Godwin is willing to come over to the FCC to demo it.

They have tried to do some videos to accomplish that.

<Judy> http://challenge.gov/

This is a way to host the challenge, not to host the final results.

[group discusses the web site]

the ATAG guidelines will need submissions that will be on a short times span.

there appears to be no consistency of format of the details page. Maybe those are options for the templates. On the top level, is the submission, deadline, prize money and # of supporters

They could help us take advantage of the features - some may not be seen here.

We can invite them for next time, and get the word out.

Judy will put out an update for people, that this is the direction we are going, these are the questions we have. Invite Robin for the same time next week.

confirming community outreach

next meetings

Rob Sinclair had a conflict, but it turns out that he is traveling through September and will attend in Octover.

Is there a reduction in interest?

There have been problems with notifications, and people have been on vacation or traveling. I continue to hear interest from people.

when will ARIA publish? There is work being done to finish the charter work, but people are implementing ARIA.

There is not a high risk for using what is currently there for ARIA widgets.

We are trying to decide what additional questions we have to ask about the hosting.

Judy will get the meeting summaries out to the list; we will want to know about the challenge.gov site; I will do a no objections mailing this weekend and see if there are any questions.

we have discussed the domain name and send the most popular ones out to the list.

Agreement that we want to keep moving, but I'm not willing to make a final decision today because some people who are interested in this topic aren't here.

confirming community outreach

London is doing theirs on the Sept 21, ours is in October. John will reach a broad community using different contacts. John is busy with accessibility camps and a conference next week.

We need to reach out to educational organizations.

Aaron Walker, Georgia Tech, Kit Brown, Chris Mills, Glenda Simms U-TX

John will send those names to Judy and will send it to the list.

Proposed: We settle on a domain name and a hosting site. That will be in an announcement that sends them to the site. That email should be spread as far and wide as possible.

include, web aim folks.

should someone do a presentation about the challenge at the Unconference?

a presentation at CSUN

a second challenge and a reviewing and vetting on the agenda for next week.

schedule check

Rob is unavailable, but Cynthia Shelly is available from Microsoft.

we will stay with this time.

John cannot make the call next Friday.

I want to spend part of the call finalizing content.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]