Internationalization Core Teleconference

25 Aug 2010


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Addison, Richard, Norbert, Aharon, Felix, David


richard: created two new lists
... public-i18n-cjk
... and public-i18n-indic
... later is so that India office can create Indic document similar to JLReq

norbert: is that much different from thai, burmese and other indic derived scripts

contact formats convergence


haven't looked at document in detail yet

seen some attributes like given name

might need transliteration

might need changes to things like street address

needs a thorough review

should be coordinated with our contacts in ietf

how do we proceed here?

when should we do a review?

(above are Felix's intro)


norbert: everyone goes back RFC 2426 vCard

addison: maybe ask wg when to review contacts api?

<fsasaki> +1

<David> +1

<scribe> ACTION: addison: ask device api WG when it would be appropriate to revew contacts API document [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2010/08/25-core-minutes.html#action01]

aharon: have some experience with language dependent addresses
... quite often want to specify "here is the name of this town in (insert arbitrary language list)"
... street name might want transliterated or translated
... want to format according to user's language preference
... turns out to be hard
... might have name of town in Russian but street only in English, for example
... so you get a mix
... and not useful as mailing address

<scribe> Meeting: Internationalization Core Teleconference

richard: might present choices to the user

aharon: want to choose most useful representation (for example)
... most useful language may not be user's or local language
... for example, Russian user getting address in Israel probably would end up wanting Hebrew transliterated to Latin script
... will see if I can share some documents

Bidi topics (per paragraph auto-direction, etc)

aharon: basically, at f2f meeting, one participant though there was a gap
... that Unicode Bidi Algorithm, when not given explicit base direction, will choose direction based on first strong character for each paragraph
... and there are editors that implement this functionality
... such as gEdit
... and some on Mac usw.
... lets you write plain text
... and the directionality works okay (such as having a note in Hebrew followed by address in London) and it all works
... but this is absent in HTML and in HTML5
... so add capability?
... simplest case is <textarea>
... and just have browser display each graf according to its own directionality
... resulting text could display in e.g. <pre>
... there is something to this
... started playing around with solutions
... what was worked out at f2f was very ambitioush
... besides affecting textarea, you could put attribute dir=uba on any element
... and have layout thereby affected
... but at same time play nicely with CSS direction
... but subsquent paras might have different direction from first
... speced and then went home tired ;-)
... I developed some doubts
... reported on proceedings
... to standards body in israel
... and some folks said: you went way overboard and use case not that compelling
... and thus thought my doubts might be justified
... and sent note to others at f2f
... and responses were that good reasons for doubts but need to publish results as-is for discussion
... did so
... and now published my doubts
... one person: altough understand doubts, there is still a use case
... and just use textarea and not some fancy rich text edit control
... and just easy way to display

addison: just want to reflect text back to user
... pretty common use case?

aharon: made compromise suggestion
... allow uba only on <textarea> and something similar to text area but not an input

addison: could use 'auto' and be similar?

aharon: the detection algorithm is different
... also dir=uba, the part that doing the direction is the CSS
... html doesn't specify
... only when broken into paras is direction determined
... different than dir=auto, which is implemented on html level

addison: could uba be default for textarea?

aharon: separate issue

agendum for next time: bidi in svg

scribe: such as spriting and image flipping


richard: character encoding tutorials would like to publish in a week's time

agendum for next time: publication approval

<scribe> Meeting: Internationalization Core Teleconference

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: addison: ask device api WG when it would be appropriate to revew contacts API document [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2010/08/25-core-minutes.html#action01]
[End of minutes]

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