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21 Jul 2010


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No quorum this week.

We will have a call next week, but Steven will be gone.

Steven will be gone the next four weeks.

We will cancel the call 2 weeks from today because there are four regrets.

* XML Application Interoperability

Steven: There's a group looking at in-browser interoperability which is coming out of the Backplane IG Incubator Group.
... So that's the outcome of the final report, and there will likely be a workshop, to get new work going in the W3C.
... Charlie was chair of the Web Backplane, and I proposed a workshop around the time of the TPAC.
... I suggested a workshop about XML Applications in the Browser, based on techniques like Alain's or IBM's implementations. We know a number of groups doing similar things, with the idea of getting them together to make their software interoperable.

Charlie: Things like model-view, submission, events, etc. from the Backplane XG would be topics to discuss, but no XML in the browser issue.
... There's so much attention in the HTML5 conformance which is backward-looking. Future features, forward-looking, would be useful. So we should brainstorm about it thees new features.
... People are scrambling in AJAX frameworks to re-invent these technologies.

Leigh: IndexDB and Sedna in Firefox: http://www.stylusstudio.com/xquerytalk/201007/004186.html

Charlie; I may not be able to participate around the TPAC timeframe though.

Steven: That works for me. An all-week XForms meeting and TPAC would make for a demanding week anyway.

Charlie: We need to get these questions back on the table at W3C.
... We've gone well past the point with MVC as a debate.
... Dojo wants to remain competitive.
... THere's also interest in the dependency graph in Dojo. So we can invite those folks, not just W3C WG.

Steven: Inviting people from outside W3C would be encouraged.

Charlie: And let the timing work itself out.

Alain: It's interesting for me. I hope I can come and participate.

Charlie: Are you going to Balisage in Montreal?

Steven: Unfortunately it's during school holidays.

Charlie: I have a paper there on xforms.


Steven: When will beta 3 be out?

Alain: In weeks.

Steven: I'm using it for XForms tutorial. I wonder whether you thought that the title "XForms for HTML Authors" or is "XForms Tutorial" better?
... Now all the examples work in the browser.
... Part 1 is HTML and XForms correspondence. Part 2 is things you can't do in HTML.

Leigh: Live examples are nice; you can do individual tasks and examples rather than a whole overview document, and leave this document focused on the HTML example.

Charlie: I like master-detail.

Steven: The mapping example is a good one.

* XQuery in Firefox


* Next Meeting

Next week July 28, Leigh to Chair.

No meeting August 4.

Summary of Action Items

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